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This PlugFest event is covered by a Participant Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)).
This event is a testing/ engineering event, not a marketing event. CEA PlugFest is targeted at CE display, DTV and related peripheral manufacturers, transmission signal providers (and related interests), content providers, and other organizations related to technologies used in the interface as well as manufacturers of connectors, devices, and test and measurement equipment that are based around the interface defined by CEA-861.
Only companies with equipment meeting the above criteria are allowed to attend/participate in this event.
All participating companies are required to complete and submit the Participant Agreement (PA).
PlugFest21 Participation Agreement*:  Download Here 
(* A newly executed PA for CEA PlugFest21 is needed even if you submitted one for previous CEA PlugFests. Also, if you plan to have contractors assisting you during the CEA-861 PlugFest21, they are require to submit a Participant Agreement as well.)
Deadline submission: October 7, 2015