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[Q] Who can participate in this event?

[A] CE product manufacturers (for example OEMS (Brand name Manufacturers), ODMs (outsource/contract Manufacturers), Platform Providers, and Chipset / Component / Core / Firmware / Software Suppliers (these suppliers need to provide their own device or reference design board for testing), Cables and Dongles Suppliers (provide the cables and/or dongles that the PlugFest attendees can use during testing).


Test tool service providers (Vendors) who offer diagnostics and evaluation services to the above mentioned manufacturers and suppliers are welcome to participate.


Companies that provide cables and/or dongles that they are willing to loan out to the PlugFest participants can participate in this event.


CEA Members, HDMI adopters, CEC adopters, MHL adopters, DisplayPort and HDCP licensees and invited guests.


All participants must be members of a team conducting product testing or diagnostic/evaluation services or provided cables/dongles for attendees use during testing.


All participants must have registered for the event and submitted a current event Participant Agreement.


Participants are not allowed to conduct any testing or hold any meetings at the event location during testing hours with other parties who have not registered for the event.


No marketing, solicitation or press/media allowed.


No walk-ins allowed.


This event is covered by a Non-disclosure agreement. The PlugFest test activities, test results, and the pre-release product information of Participants shall be deemed the confidential information of such Participants. Likewise, the PlugFest test activities, test results, and the pre-release product information of Signatory shall be deemed the confidential information of Signatory.


Contact PlugFest@CE.org if you would like to participant but are not sure if you/your company qualify.



[Q] Where do I register my company (teams/devices) for this event?

[A] Click here to registration for PlugFest21. Deadline is October 7, 2015.  Click here to Access the Device Registration Questions and Prepare your Response in Advance



[Q] Venue/Hotel where the CEA PlugFest21 will take place?
[A] CEA PlugFest21 will take place at the:


Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront

150 Anza Boulevard

Burlingame, CA 94010

Ph: (650) 342-4600


Make your reservations by calling (650) 342-4600 or online.   Use the Group Code CEA and mention the Group Name: CEA-PlugFest21.


Hotel Reservation Deadline: October 7, 2015 



[Q] Do I need to reserve a "testing" suite at the venue? 

[A] All Sink test teams (receiving devices and repeaters acting as sinks) are required to reserve a test suite (1 per sink team). Vendors who will be providing compliance/diagnostic services and Suppliers who will be lending out cables and/or dongles are required to reserve a suite as well (especially vendors offering services to source devices). Source teams and all other members of a test team, for convenience purposes, are encouraged to reserve a sleeping room at the venue.


For scheduling purposes (ease of location), once you have made your reservation at the Embassy Suites SFO Airport-Waterfront, each Sink team will be assigned a test suite on the testing floor (Vendors and Suppliers will be assigned suites as well to showcase their wares). That test suite room number will be placed on the test schedule so that Source teams will know where the Sink teams they will be scheduled to test against are located (Vendors and Suppliers locations will be listed as well). Once testing suites are assigned, for test schedule purposes, teams are not allowed to switch/change pre-assigned test suites.


Please note that the hotel will not accept packages/shipments/deliveries unless you or someone on your team has a reservation at the hotel.


Make your reservations online or by calling the:

Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfont

150 Anza Boulevard

Burlingame, CA 94010

Ph: (650) 342-4600



[Q] What do I need to know about having my company's test equipment/devices shipped/delivered to the venue? 

[A] Only those Test Teams with reservations at the Embassy Suites SFO Airport-Waterfront (the testing venue/hotel) are allowed to have packages/test equipment & devices shipped/delivered to the hotel.

The hotel will not accept deliveries/shipments unless someone on your testing team has a reservation at the hotel.


All shipments/deliveries to and from the hotel must be paid by your company in advance.  Neither CEA nor the Embassy Suites are responsible for the payment of your shipments/deliveries.



Deliveries/Shipments must not arrive to the hotel before October 28.  The hotel will not accept your packages unless you have a reservation.


Attendees with reservations at the hotel will be required to complete a Group Package Delivery Form in which they will be required to submit the completed form to the hotel by October 27.


Keep in mind that some delivery services do not offer services on Saturdays and Sundays, so please plan on having all of your shipments arrive to the venue no later than Friday October 17. 



[Q] How is a test schedule generated for my team?
[A] Once your team is completely registered for the event (meaning the online registration has been completed and the
Participant Agreement has been received by CEA), the team leader will receive several e-mail correspondences from PlugFest@CE.org regarding:

(please note this process is subject to change depending on the number of teams/devices registered for the event)

  • Inquiry regarding your team's test suite reservation at the event venue (all Sink teams and Vendors/Suppliers are required to reserve a test suite at the event venue by the hotel reservation deadline).
  • Request for your team to confirm its online registration device/team information. All teams will be provided an opportunity to confirm/update their registration details in order to make sure that accurate data is provided for test scheduling purposes. Teams will be given at least 2 days to confirm/update their registration information.
  • Request for your team to review the device details of the participating companies in order for your team to select which devices they would like to be scheduled to test against. For example, if your team is bringing a Sink (receiving) device to the event then your team leader will receive an Excel spreadsheet listing the registered Source (transmitting) devices' details. Source teams will received the device details of the Sink teams. You will be given at least 3 days to review your counterparts' devices information and you will be required to complete a survey indicating which teams/devices you would like your team to be schedule to test against. Teams can select 3 Preferences (top 3 teams/devices you want your team/device to be scheduled to test against), Exclude several teams/devices. Of course if your company registeres two teams - a Sink team and a Source team - both teams must exclude testing with each other. The remaining teams/devices you will select as Allow to be scheduled to test against. You are expected to complete and submit the survey by the allotted deadline.
  • Request for your team to complete the Time Availability survey. You will be given at least 3 days to complete this survey. Teams must indicate on this survey when they will and will not be available for testing during the event. All teams are required to participate in 3 to 4 days worth of testing with testing starting on Monday.  For example, if your team does not want to conduct testing during the 9:00am time slot every morning, then you must indicate Not Available for the 9:00am time slots listed for Monday thru Thursday.  Another example, if your team only wants to test for 3 days then you must indicate Not Available for Thursday testing.

The responses received via both surveys will be used to generate the test schedule for the event.


If surveys are not completed and returned by the deadline date, then CEA will randomly arrange your test schedule for you.


Depending on the number of teams/devices participating, teams may be required to test against companies that they excluded.  This would be for the integrity of the test schedule.


The event test schedule will be issued 3 days before the event via e-mail.  Team Leaders are to ensure that their team members have a copy of the team schedule.


All correspondence from CEA regarding the PlugFest test schedule/activities/surveys will be sent directly the team leader identified in the team's registration. It is the responsibility of the team leader to make sure that their team members are aware and informed of the event requirements, activities and test schedule.



[Q] Is my team allowed to participate part-time in the event?
[A] Teams are not allowed to test part-time. All teams are required to participate full time in the event with a minimum of 3 to 4 days of testing with the first test occurring on Monday, November 2. Teams will be identified as being Sink (including Repeaters acting as sinks) or Source (including Repeaters acting as sources). You have to test the entire event as a Sink or as a Source.



[Q] I will be registering my device as a Repeater. What should I know in order to make the most of my testing experience at PlugFest21?
[A] If your Repeater acts as a Sink/Receiving device, you are required to reserve a Test Suite at the venue. You will also be required to bring a sink/receiving device (TV or display) so that you can test against source/transmitters devices. There are TVs (LCDs) in the sitting areas of the test suites (were testing is to take place) so it is possible that you could use it as the sink for your repeater (though keep in mind that it might not have appropriate cable/connection such as HDMI and other inputs).


If your Repeater acts as a Source/Transmitting device, you are required to bring a source device (like a DVD player, PVR) so that you can "roam"/travel to the sink test suites in order to test against the sink devices.


If your Repeater acts as both a Sink and Source and you wish to test your device as a Sink and as a Source, then the above requirements still apply and you are required to register 2 separate full time participating teams each having their own Repeater device and team members (i.e. register a team with a Repeater device acting as a Sink; and register another team with a Repeater device acting as a Source with different team members and each team having their own device to test full time - no sharing). Each team will receive their own test schedule. Part-time testing is not allowed.



[Q] Should I execute another Participation Agreement (PA) even if I have executed one for previous PlugFest(s)?

[A] Yes, you must execute a new PA for each PlugFest. Each PA covers only a specific PlugFest. Only 1 PA is required to cover the individuals from your company and your company subsidiaries. If you plan to have contractors assisting you during the CEA-861 PlugFest21, they are required to submit a Participant Agreement as well.  Your team is not completely registered unless we have received the PlugFest21 PA.

Deadline submission: October 7, 2015


[Q] How many test devices am I allowed to bring? 

[A] Each test team is allowed up to 3 devices of the same type (Sink or Source). If you need to test more than 3 devices and/or you wish to bring different device types, then you are required to register another team with different team members (a Sink team and a Source team) for the different type of devices.


For the integrity of the event’s test schedule, companies intending to register multiple Source test teams with fewer than 2 Source devices and/or identical Source devices on multiple Source test teams, may be required to consolidate their Source test teams in order for the event to achieve balance (near equal ratio between Sink and Source teams/devices testing against each other) and to reduce the number of idle test slots in the event’s test schedule.



[Q] What if my company needs to cancel its team/device registration?
[A] To cancel your registration, call CEA at (703) 907-4327 (toll free 1-866-858-1555 x4327) and send an e-mail to PlugFest@CE.org by October 7, 2015. There is a $50 cancellation fee if registration is cancelled by COB October 7, 2015. Otherwise, you are responsible for full payment.



[Q] What if I need to change one team member (substitute) for a new person, or update my device information or add another team member to my company’s registration?
[A] If you need to update your company’s device(s)/team registration you may do so via the PlugFest21 registration site. Login credentials (Username and Password that you created when your team was registered) will be required to access your team’s PlugFest21 registration information. Once on the site, access the “Edit Your Registration” on the login page. Then modify your team’s registration accordingly.


All registrations and updates must be completed by October 7, 2015.


Once registration closes, all test teams will have an opportunity to review and confirm registration information (device(s) information and team members). Teams will be contacted directly and given a deadline to confirm registration information (and make any necessary last minute updates) in order for CEA to start preparations for developing the events test schedule.



[Q] Can I register a team and device onsite at the event?
[A] All companies (teams/devices) participating in the CEA-861 PlugFest are required to be registered online for the event by October 7, 2015.


No walk-ins are allowed.


All team members must be registered and attendance paid for online by October 7, 2015.

Registering a team member onsite cost $350.


[Q] Can I ship my test device(s) early to the event venue?
[A] Test device(s)/packages must not arrive before October 28.  Keep in mind that some delivery services do not offer services on Saturdays and/or Sundays, so please plan on having all of your shipments arrive to the venue on October 30.  See the
Shipping Info page for further information for important shippling details.


The hotel will only accept packages/shipments/deliveries for guest with reservations staying at the hotel.


Also, the hotel requires that all deliveries/packages/shipments to the hotel be “inside deliveries”.  This means that you are required to request your shipping/delivery service to deliver all packages/shipments/deliveries inside of the hotel and to place packages/deliveries/shipments in the designated area/location identified by the hotel staff.  Inform your delivery service company to inquire at the hotel’s front desk where the deliveries should be placed/stored.  Also, please note that if you require delivery to the hotel of your packages either Saturday October 31 or Sunday November 1, that you must make special arrangements with your shipper/delivery company in advance because not all US shippers/delivery companies deliver on the weekend.  So confirm when/which day your device will be delivered.


All shipments/deliveries must be paid by your company in advance.  Neither CEA nor the Embassy Suites are responsible for the payment of your shipments/deliveries.


Ship to:

c/o Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront
150 Anza Boulevard

Burlingame, CA 94010

Ph: (650) 342-4600


Include the following attention line on your shipping label:

Attn: Hold for Guest (Insert the name of the Team Leader or Team Member with the hotel reservation at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront / Your Company Name / Hotel Reservation Confirmation Number / Insert the cell phone number of the Team Leader of Team Member with the hotel reservation at the hotel) / November 1 - 6, 2015 / CEA-861 PlugFest21


Complete the Group Package Delivery Form and submit it to the hotel by October 27 (instructions will be available in the form). 



[Q] Do I need to bring my own supplies?

[A] You are required to bring your own testing devices, cables, power/extension cords, MiFi, shipping labels, shipping materials (boxes, tape, and scissors), and anything else that you will need for the testing and return shipping of your device.



[Q] What do I need to do in order to have my device(s) shipped out at the end of the event?

[A] All Participants are responsible for making their own return shipping arrangements and should do so in advance. Pick-up, handling and shipping charges may apply and is the responsibility of the Participant (make your billing/payment arrangements with your shipper/pick-up service beforehand).  All shipments must be picked up from the hotel no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, November 6, 2015. Please bring your own packing supplies (tape and boxes), prepared return shipping labels and airway bills, as well as necessary Customs documentation for your preferred shipping carrier (you should have these documents prepared beforehand). Also, contact your shipper the day before ship-out to confirm pick up location and time. Instruct your shipper that you need an 'inside pick-up'. It is the Team's responsibility to contact the shipping carrier and verify pick-up. You should direct your shipper to the hotel's front desk regarding the location for picking up your packages. 



[Q] What version of the Standard is being used for PlugFest21?

[A] PlugFest21 will be referencing CEA-861-F A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High-Speed Digital Interfaces

The following CEA-861 extension standards may be of interest to you as well:

  • CEA-861.1 Audio Format Extensions
  • CEA-861.2 Advanced Audio Extensions
  • CEA-861.3 HDR Static Metedata Extensions

 These standards are at TechStreet.  



[Q] How many tests should we assume can be run per day or per hour?
[A] There are 7 test session slots allotted each day (Monday thru Thursday), except for Friday where there will be only 3 test session slots because the event ends at 11:00am on Friday November 6 (teams without an extended reservation will need to prepare for check-out following the end of the 10:00am to 11:00am test slot).  Each test session is 1 hour in duration (15 minutes used for set-up/breakdown and time needed to get to the next test session location, and 45 minutes for actual testing). To ensure a timely start, please have all devices ready, spares included and ready to go during the PlugFest testing period.  If you are unable to make a test session or will be late please contact the CEA Hospitality Suite immediately to inform staff.


[Q] What type of Data will be collected during the PlugFest and how will it be used?
[A] No Data will be collected by CEA during PlugFest.  Test Teams are encouraged to keep a record/log on their own of how their devices are faring during the testing event.


We do encourage teams to complete the PlugFest Error Reporting Form in order to report errors related to ambiguous, confusing or missing documentation or standards related to a problem observed on an interface being tested. Relevant documents are CEA-861 (all versions) and the HDMI specification.


Teams return completed Error Reporting forms to the CEA Hospitality Suite.  The forms received are then compiled and presented to the appropriate organizations maintaining the specifications.


Teams that do not have their own test plans are encouraged to use the CEA-861 PlugFest Recommended Tests doc.


[Q] Nearest Airport?
[A] San Francisco Airport (SFO). 


[Q] Any Dress Code?
[A] Business casual.