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Event Information

Event Date: November 1-6, 2015


Registration now available.  Click here.

Prepare For The Online Registration Process In Advance By Reviewing the Online Registration Questions



Registration Fee: $250 per person + website's credit card processing fee.




Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront
150 Anza Boulevard

Burlingame, CA 94010
Ph: (650) 342-4600

Website:  www.sfoburlingame.embassysuites.com

Make your reservations online or by calling (650) 342-4600.  Use the Group Code: CEA and mention the Group Name: CEA-PlugFest21.


See the Hotel and Travel Info page for details concerning the hotel's check-out and cancellation policy.



Event Details:

For each Test Team that your company plans to bring, you are required to register each team separately, and each team must have its own device(s) and team participants.  Teams are required to participate full time in this event (a minimum of 3 to 4 days of testing with the first testing day starting on Monday).  No part-time sink/source testing and no sharing of devices are allowed.  Each registered team is required to have an independent identified team leader.


For the purposes of this event, devices (products) and test teams will be identified (device type/test team type) as either:

·Sink (receiving device - teams will be stationary and must reserve a test suite)

·Source (transmitting device - teams will be roaming)


If you have a device that is a Repeater (i.e., a device with one or more HDMI inputs, one or more HDMI outputs, and a retransmission function), you are required to identify that device as either a Sink or a Source (i.e. Repeater device/team acting as a Source is required to bring their own source device and the team will be scheduled to test against a Sink team; Repeater device/team acting as a Sink is required to bring their own sink device, reserve a test suite and will be scheduled to test against a Source team).


Companies wishing to test their MHL capable devices must have their own MHL cable(s) and dongle(s).  Companies with MHL devices must also categorize their device as being either a Sink (which means you have to bring your own TV, display or monitor) or as a Source (bring your own transmitting device such as a cell phone, DVR, etc.).


A test team is only allowed to register up to 3 devices, and all devices must be of the same device type (either Sink or Source). If the device types are different, then you are required to register an additional test team with different team members for the other device type. If you have more than 3 devices to test, you must register the additional device(s) under another/different test team (with different team members). These requirements allow for an ideal testing experience.


Lunch provided Monday thru Thursday (1 lunch breaks) 


Testing days/hours are Monday thru Thursday (9:00am until 5:00pm).


Ad-Hod/Re-Testing is on Friday (8:00am until 11:00am)


Testing ends at 11:00am on Friday November 6.


Test schedules are set-up for 1 hour testing slots (approximately 45 minutes for testing with 15 minutes to change suites/set-up for the next test team). Thus it may be difficult to test multiple devices within that hour, as well as difficult to test multiple devices against a team that has more than 1 device. If you have concerns of not completing testing of your devices during the allotted time, then it is recommended that you register an additional team (with different team members) for some of your devices.


Each Sink Test Team is required to have a test suite at the hotel.


Vendors offering services to Source Test Teams are required to have a test suite at the hotel.


Cable/Dongle suppliers are required to have a suite at the hotel.  


Teams are required to bring their own equipment, power/extension cords, and shipping/packing supplies.


We regret that no visitors, observers, or non-participants may be allowed in this event.


This is a private testing event, not a marketing event. No solicitors/solicitations are allowed.


Out-boarding is not allowed at this event. 


Attendees are not allowed to conduct testing or hold meetings at the event location during testing hours with parties who have not registered for the event. 


General CEA-861 PlugFest testing includes 1 device to 1 device testing. 


Technologies/Interfaces that are tested at the CEA-861 PlugFest include CEA-861, HDMI, HDCP, CEC, MHL, DisplayPort and IPv6.


Additional testing opportunities are provided as well during the CEA-861 PlugFest:


Evaluation and Compliance Testing during PlugFest

Several vendors may be available to offer, at no additional charge, diagnostic/evaluation services for your test device(s).

Evaluation and diagnostic testing will be provided for source, sink and repeaters.

Compliance testing for HDMI and HDCP may also be offered.
(Note: For HDCP compliance testing you must be a HDCP Licensee and device must contain Production Keys.)



PlugFest21 Participation Agreement*:  Download Here 

Deadline submission: October 7, 2015

(* A newly executed PA for CEA PlugFest21 is needed even if you submitted one for previous CEA PlugFests. Also, if you plan to have contractors assisting you during the CEA-861 PlugFest21, they are required to submit a Participant Agreement as well.)