CEA-861 PlugFest - Public Site
Welcome to the CEA-861 PlugFest Public Microsite. This site is maintained by the CEA Technology & Standards Department. You can find useful information about the CEA-861 PlugFest interoperability testing event on this site. 
Technologies/Interfaces tested at the CEA-861 PlugFest include CEA-861, HDMI, HDCP, CEC, DisplayPort, MHL and IPv6.

On this site you can:
  • Get information on how the CEA-861 PlugFests are conducted (see the FAQs page)
  • Learn about the different types of interoperability testing activities that are available during the event.
  • Get detailed information about the Registration Process for PlugFest
  • Find out how Vendors offering evaluation and diagnostic services to CE manufacturers, and Suppliers of cables and dongles can participate in PlugFests (Vendors and Suppliers should visit the Vendors and Suppliers Info page for more information and to access the Vendors Registration link which will be available shortly.)
  • Register now for the upcoming PlugFest21 Registration now available.
  • Learn how to become a CEA PlugFest Sponsor
  • Learn about the CEA-861 Standard and Join the Standards activities groups 
IMPORTANT Note to CE Products Manufacturers/chip makers registering for PlugFest21:
It is recommended that you first review the registration questions and prepare your responses to the questions in advance before attempting the online registration process. You can view the registration questions here.
Vendors, Cables and Dongles Suppliers Please Note:
Vendors (companies that offer evaluation/diagnostic services), and Cables and Dongles Suppliers (for A/V, MHL, DVI, HDMI, etc.) should first review the registration questions that apply to you.  You can access the Vendors and Suppliers Info page to find out how you can participate in CEA's PlugFests.
No part-time testing is allowed.  All teams are expected to participate full time in this event (a minimum of 3 to 4 days with Monday as the 1st day of testing).
Each team must participate with its own registered device(s) full time.  No part-time sink/source testing, and no sharing of devices are allowed. 
Each team is required to have an independent identified team leader.
For the integrity of the event’s test schedule, companies intending to register multiple Source test teams with fewer than 2 Source devices and/or identical Source devices on multiple Source test teams, may be required to consolidate their Source test teams in order for the event to achieve balance (near equal ratio between Sink and Source teams/devices testing against each other) and to reduce the number of idle test slots in the event’s test schedule.
Participants in the PlugFest must execute a Participant Agreement for each PlugFest Event. This Agreement includes bilateral privacy protection for participants, among other terms. Only 1 executed CEA-861 PlugFest21 Participant Agreement is needed in order to cover your company's participating individuals and subsidiaries. Contractors assisting your team need to submit a Participant Agreement as well. 
Contact us: 
Email-ID: PlugFest@CE.org | Fax: 703-907-8132

CEA R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee:
CEA hosts the R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee which establishes standards and guidelines for RF, analog and digital interfaces for the purpose of defining connectivity and interoperability among analog/digital TV receivers and other consumer devices that deliver analog and digital A/V and other digital data services.
To join the R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee contact: Standards@CE.org.

CEA PlugFest Activities:
CEA conducts innovative PlugFests each year focusing on connectivity and interoperability. These events allow manufacturers to come together and test interfaces in a semi-private, round robin fashion. Designers can sort out connectivity issues between different manufacturers before products get in consumers hands.
To find out what other PlugFest activities are provided by CEA, please contact PlugFest@CE.org.

CEA 861 PlugFest21
November 1-6, 2015
Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront 
Burlingame, CA

Make your hotel reservation now!  Visit the Hotel and Travel Info page for more information.

Important Dates:

Hotel Reservation cut-off date is October 7

Event Online Registration now open!  Https://ces.itnint.com/ceaplugfest21/regonline