Fried's Choreography

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A Fried de Metz Herman Bibliography

Pinewoods Fund Collection (1980)

Road to Ruin (1984)

The Naked Truth (1986)

Choice Morsels (1989)

Potters’ Porch (1992) 

Ease & Elegance (1995)

Fringe Benefits (1999)

Serendipity (2009)

As of 2015, only Serendipity remains in print. To download a pdf order form for Serendipityclick here.

For individual dances or permission to use Fried's material in ball booklets, etc., please contact Jane Bridges (argals"at"

Many of Fried’s most popular dances have been recorded, including:

Bonds of Harmony (Hudson Crossing)

Measured Obsession (MGM)

For a list of individual dances on recordings, see: