Current Dance Schedule

THURSDAY NIGHT DANCES:          7:30 - 10:00 PM    CDW Members   $8      Others $10
:    8:00 - 11:00 PM    CDW Members   $12     Students $10   Others $15

ALL DANCES are held at the Church in the Highlands, Bryant & Grandview Avenues, White Plains, NY
(The Celebration of Spring Ball, by pre-registration, will be held at St.Thomas Church in Mamaroneck).

Click here for a pdf file of the dance schedule.
                 Day          Date             Occasion                                  MC / Teachers             Musicians
Sept.         Thurs.       9/11             Opening Dance                       Orly, Paul                    Serendipity
                 Thurs.       9/18             Dance                                      Orly                              Sara, Julia, Sue
                 Sat.          9/27              Harvest Dance                       Brad Foster                Flying Romanos
Oct.           Thurs.       10/2             Dance                                     Orly                             Serendipity
                 Thurs.       10/9             Dance                                      Orly                              Sara, Julia, Norma
                 Thurs.       10/16           Dance                                      Paul                             Serendipity
                 Thurs.       10/23           Dance                                      Judi                             Peter, Sue, Mark
Nov.          Sun.         11/2             40th Anniversary Celebration Cavalcade              Hold the Mustard
                 Thurs.       11/ 6            Dance                                      Paul                            Liza, Julia, Norma
                 Thurs.       11/13           Dance                                      Paul                            Serendipity
                 Thurs.       11/20           Dance                                      Paul + Dorothy           Peter, Sue, Mark
                 Fri.           11/28           Thanksgiving Dance              Judi                            Calliope                                      
Dec.          Sun.         12/7            Holiday Delight                       Tom Amesse             Bare Necessities
                 Thurs.       12/11          Dance                                       Dorothy                       Serendipity
                 Wed.        12/31          New Year’s Eve                      Orly                             Flying Romanos
Jan.          Thurs.       1/8              Dance                                      Judi                               Serendipity
                 Sun.          1/18          Winter Frolic                          Barbara Finney           Musical Mamas
                Thurs.       1/22            Dance                                     Judi                               Julia, Sara, Sue
                 Thurs.       1/29            Dance                                     Dorothy                         Serendipity
Feb.          Thurs.       2/5              Dance (Ball Prep)                    Orly                              Peter, Sue, Mark
                 Thurs.       2/12            Dance (Ball Prep)                   Judi, Orly, Paul             Serendipity
                 Sat.          2/21             Chocolate Round-O            Robin Hayden             Lady Jane’s Delight
                 Thurs.       2/26            Dance     Ball Prep                 Judi, Orly, Paul             Robin, Norma, Sue
Mar.          Thurs.       3/5              Dance     Ball Prep                 Judi, Orly, Paul            Julia, Liza, Sue
                 Thurs.       3/12            Dance     Ball Prep                 Judi, Orly, Paul             Serendipity
                 Thurs.       3/19            Dance     Ball Prep                 Judi, Orly, Paul             Peter, Sue, Mark
                 Sat.          3/21            Celebration of Spring         Judi, Orly, Paul            Flying Romanos
                 Thurs.       3/26            Dance                                    Dorothy                         Peter, Norma, Donn, Sue
Apr.          Thurs.       4/9              Dance                                     Paul                              Serendipity
                 Thurs.       4/16            Dance                                     Orly                              Julia, Sara, Sue
                 Sat.          4/25           April Showers                         Beverly Francis         Margaret Ann Martin, Tom Phillips &                                                                                                                                                                Sue Polansky
                 Thurs.       4/30          Dance                                       Paul & Orly                 Julia, Mark, Peter  
May          Thurs.       5/7            Dance / Annual Meeting           Judi                             Serendipity
                 Thurs.       5/14          Dance                                       Judi                            Serendipity
                 Sat.          5/23           Ice Cream Social                    Judi, Orly, Paul         Serendipity
Jun.          Sat.          6/6             Dance Party                            Colin Hume              A Joyful Noise