Welcome to English Country Dancing in White Plains, NY!

English Country Dance basics are easily learned. All dances are taught by expert teachers  accompanied by live music. 
Beginners, with or without a partner, are warmly welcomed at all Thursday events and our experienced dancers will partner with you throughout the evening. 
ear comfortable, informal clothing, with low-heeled, soft-soled shoes and come
 at 7:15 for a quick orientation. We dance most Thursdays from September to May. Once a month we have a dance party or special event on a Friday or Saturday for which some experience is highly desirable.
THURSDAY NIGHT DANCES:        7:30 - 10:00 PM        CDW Members   $8        Others $10
WEEKEND PARTIES:                      8:00 - 11:00 PM        CDW Members   $12        Students $10       Others $15

Location: All regular dances (except for the Celebration of Spring Ball) take place in White Plains at the Church in the Highlands, corner of Bryant & Grandview Avenues (only a short taxi ride from the White Plains Metro-North train station).
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Upcoming Special Events
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With much sadness, we report the passing of Herb Rivkin, Judi's beloved Dad.
We give thanks that Herb and Ruth shared their love of music and dance with so many of us and send condolences to Judi and her family.
Paul and Orly will call the dance on Friday instead of Judi.

                    Nov. 27 (Friday)            Thanksgiving Dance                Paul Ross & Orly Krasner      Gotham Gals
                    Dec. 6 (Sunday)            Holiday Delight                         Paul Ross & Tom Amesse     Bare Necessities
                    Dec. 31 (Thursday)       New Year's Eve                        Paul Ross & Judi Rivkin         The Flying Romanos

To whet your appetite, check out these dance highlights on YouTube:
English Country Dancing Done Well an introductory selection of dances from the Childgrove YouTube channel.
Step Stately at the Celebration of Spring Ball (2015)
Cat in the Window at the Celebration of Spring Ball (2015)
Leah's Waltz at the CDW 40th Year Anniversary Party (2014)

Newcastle at the Celebration of Spring Ball (2011)

Dancing at the Celebration of Spring Ball

For additional information or in case of inclement weather,
please call one of the following people--
Carolyn: (914) 762-3619
Dick: (845) 735-3365
Leah: (914) 693-5577
Susan: (914) 762-8619