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Our final submission has been made to the ACGME CPR Phase II Task Force! A huge and sincere Thank Yuo to everyone that participated in all aspects of this huge undertaking.  

To review the finalized submission materials as they were submitted, click hereclick here.  

Thank you,
Crys S. Draconi, C-TAGME and the CDTF!

What does CDTF Stand For:

Coordinator Description Task Force

What is the CDTF:

The CDTF is a Task Force put together by passionate GME/Program Coordinators nationwide to improve the language of the Common Program Requirements to reflect the progressing changes within the graduate medical education world.

Purpose of the CDTF:

As both seasoned and rookie residency and fellowship coordinators are all aware, the increasing responsibilities of their roles are constantly evolving well beyond what has been asked of us in the past.  Although the ACGME does understand these new roles, the wording of the Common Program Requirements – the document the guides our programs – has not been updated to reflect this.  A national task force has been developed to work on changing this, called “CDTF – Coordinator Description Task Force”.  Our task force currently consists of over 60 coordinator members in all areas of Graduate Medical Education. 

The goals of the CDTF:

  • Review the current ACGME language in reference to the coordinator role
  • Develop more appropriate language
  • Obtain support from coordinators nationwide by signing a petition in agreement of the new language
  • Present our suggestions and findings to the ACGME for consideration of updating the language
Thank you!
Crys S. Draconi, C-TAGME on behalf of the entire CDTF
CDTF Leader


How Can You Get Involved

CDTF List Serv

Make sure you are on the CDTF ListServ.  E-mail Crys Draconi at  to be added.  We are currently working on a way to view archives of these chats.

CDTF LinkedIn Page

If you are on LinkedIn, join our group by clicking here.  Although most of our activity is done through the ListServ, documents can be found on LinkedIn.

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