Project Cascades

What is Project Cascades?

Project Cascades is an educational program that is designed to recruit graduate students in speech-language pathology at San José State University, including students from culturally and linguistically diverse groups to provide evidence-based services to an increasing ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse population of infants, toddlers, children and youths with speech, language and hearing disorders.  Trainees will enroll in the required evidence-based courses/workshops (in addition to the courses in their graduate program sequence),  which focus on working with clients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  

Who are eligible to apply?

Graduate students who are:

  • currently in their first year of Master's program or second year of Extended Master's program
  • plan to work with children upon graduation
  • are interested in working with an ethnically, culturally and, linguistically diverse population
  • English-speaking, as well as bilingual students who speak the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino), Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Hindi, and African American English.

What the scholarship pays:

  • Tuition (Resident tuition only - out-of-state fees are not covered)
  • Partial support for textbooks
  • Monthly Stipend

Students must:

  • enroll in additional classes/practicum during the summer and winter intersession as well as workshops (on the weekends during fall and spring semesters) offered for trainees in this project. Full participation in a course conducted in Spanish on various issues related to service delivery of bilingual Spanish-English speaking students is mandatory.  Students who do not attend these classes/workshops can be terminated from the project at any time.
  • agree to work in the schools with children after graduation 2 years for each year of support.  Trainees who fail to fulfill the obligation will be required to repay all funds that have been spent of their behalf, plus interest.
  • participate in at least 10 hours in volunteer work/year. Duties include volunteering at conferences such as Fiesta Educativa, Reading to children in the King Library during Story Time, and other activities.
Note: We are no longer accepting new applications for the Cascades grant.
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