Project Aural Impact

What is Project Aural Impact?

Project Aural Impact is designed to educate graduate students in speech-language pathology at San José State University to specialize in children (from birth through high school) with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This training program will consist of two academic courses (summer session) and a full-time semester-long internship at a school site for children with hearing loss (student teaching practicum, fall or spring). The academic courses will provide in-depth evidence-based information about 1) assessment of speech, language, and listening skills of children with hearing loss or deafness, and 2) models of therapy to develop or improve listening and spoken language skills. The practicum will allow scholars to develop their assessment and therapy skills under the supervision of experienced clinicians. In addition to the academic and clinical components of this educational program, scholars will complete a capstone project. Here, they will develop a one hour training module that will be used to train parents or professionals at their worksites regarding serving children with hearing loss. 

Who are eligible to apply?

Graduate students who:

  • are currently in their first year of Master's program or second year of Extended Master's program
  • want to specialize in aural rehabilitation
  • are interested in working with children with hearing loss upon graduation

What the scholarship pays:

  • Tuition (Resident tuition only - out-of-state fees are not covered)
  • Textbooks
  • Assessment tests
  • Hearing Aid testing stethoscope
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Conference travel (registration, airfare, food, and three nights lodging) to a Cochlear Implant conference
  • Supplemental weekend workshop registration

Scholars must:

  • Complete two elective courses during the summer session as well as attend one weekend workshop
  • Complete one full-time practicum (student teaching practicum) in a site specializing in children with hearing loss
  • Complete the capstone project: produce an evidence-based training module that is intended to provide professional development for regular education teachers or other related services professionals at their future work place settings
  • Work at a site that includes children with hearing loss for 2 years for each year of support.  Scholars who fail to fulfill the obligation within a specified period of time will be required to repay all funds that have been spent of their behalf, plus interest.