Cathy Denshaw Roberts
Mountain View, CA


Software Engineer interested in developing a wide variety of application software.


Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience
  • Programming in C, C++, Fortran, OpenGL, and Open Cascade
  • Received four NASA team awards for the X33 and Crew Transfer Vehicle conceptual aircraft studies
  • Embedded software development with Windriver tornado and workbench
  • Debugging code with xgdb, sgi CVD, and Microsoft Visual C++
  • Using Unix, Irix, Linux, Windows XP, MAC OS9, and VMS operating systems
  • Writing technical reports, technical papers, and user guides
  • Configuration management with Concurrent Version System and Clearcase
  • Producing web pages in HTML, and writing CGI Perl scripts
  • Managing a two person software support team for the systems analysis branch at NASA Ames
  • Unix system administrator with seven years experience
  • Modeling geometry and analyzing aerodynamics of aircraft and spacecraft
  • Active Secret Clearance

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Space Systems / Loral, Jul 2007 to present

  • Develop software for satellite flight systems
Embedded Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Jan 2005 to Jun 2007

  • Developed embedded software in "C" for Radar Warning Receivers using Windriver Tornado and Workbench on a Windows platform
    • APR39 mission computer interface code
    • APR39 inter-processor communication code
    • APR39 broadcast interface code
    • APR39 mission data set management and reprogramming code
    • ALQ155 multifunctional display code
    • ALQ155 ALR-46 interface code
    • ALQ155 inter-processor communication code
    • ALQ155 Built In Test (BIT) code
  • Participated in formal software development processes (requirements, design, coding, testing, reviews) for the APR39 and ALQ155 programs.
  • Managed software configuration with Rational Clearcase.
  • Performed software unit and integration testing
Volunteer IT manager, Society of Women Engineers and Sierra Club, Nov 2003 to Dec 2004
  • Updated and created web pages in HTML, managed five email lists, and attended board meetings for local sections of the Society of Women Engineers and the Sierra Club.
Computer Systems Technologist, Raytheon Technical Services Co. @ NASA Ames,Jul 1998 to Oct 2003
  • Developed C++ Thermal Protection System Advanced Engineering Environment tool set software.
  • Developed an aircraft modeling software package in C++ using Open Cascade
  • Supported the Hypersonic Aerospace Vehicle Optimization Code: developed geometric and packing software, debugged software, and was responsible for configuration management of the code
  • Developed software to read in an aero-thermal database and perform interpolations to find the data at a point on the aircraft.
  • Modeled vehicles for the following studies without missing a deadline: X33, RLV, Anser, Bantam, MGD/MHD SSTO, and Stargazer.
  • Received two discretionary bonuses for my work as manager of the two person software support team for the systems analysis branch at NASA Ames.
  • Kept the SGI and SUN systems running smoothly without impacting the up time of the computers for the users and with no security break-ins as the systems administrator
Software Specialist, Sterling Software Inc. @ NASA,Sep 1987 to Jun 1998
  • Integrated an enhanced super ellipse geometric modeling package into the Hypersonic Aerospace Vehicle Optimization Code which allowed for more accurate geometric modeling of aircraft.
  • Developed semi-automatic aircraft component packing package for HAVOC which increased the speed at which the packing analysis was performed in an aircraft vehicle study.
  • Contributed C++ code to an in-house two dimensional plotting program which was used extensively by the systems analysis branch users to produce plots for presentations and technical reports.
  • Modeled vehicle geometry and packed vehicles for roughly 25 hypersonic vehicle studies
  • System administrator for eighteen to twenty SGI computers and one Sun computer for 4 years


MS in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


  • ANSI C programming
  • Advanced word
  • JAVA
  • Introduction to data bases
  • Principles of software engineering
  • Open Cascade fundamentals
  • Phoenix model center training
  • OpenGL programming
  • Unix system administration
  • Unix computer security

Professional Associations

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

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