How To Do Stuff

This is a list of things I have searched the web for hours to figure out and want to save the information so I don't have to repeat my search!!
  1. How to format integers and doubles in MS Visual Studios 2005 C++
       // Note to use Debug include namespace System::Diagnostics   
       int    isamp = 596;
       double dsamp = 234.5;
       Debug::WriteLine( String::Format("{0}",isamp) );
       Debug::WriteLine( String::Format("{0,5}",isamp) );
       Debug::WriteLine( String::Format("{0,10:d5}",isamp) );
       Debug::WriteLine("          ");
       Debug::WriteLine( String::Format("{0}",dsamp) );
       Debug::WriteLine( String::Format("{0,10}",dsamp) );
       Debug::WriteLine( String::Format("{0,10:f3}",dsamp) );

  2. How to add a new item to the end of an existing list in MS Word 2010

    • Select the Home tab
    • Put the cursor at the beginning of the last item of the list.
    • Scroll through the Styles box and find the style that is highlighted.
    • Note down the name of this style (or remember it)
    • Set the cursor to the end of the last item
    • Hit return and then go to the style box and select the style you noted
    • A new item should be added and the cursor located in that item ready for typing
  3. How to update an existing table of contents in MS Word 2010

    • Select the References tab
    • In the Table of Contents Box, select "Update Table"
    • In the Update Table of Contents box that will appear, select "Update entire table" and then OK
    • If you added a new item to a list that is keyed to the table of contents, you will now see your new item in the contents
  4. How to view paragraph markers and other hidden formatting indicators

    • Go to the home tab. Click on the ¶ in the Paragraph box.
    • Click it again to turn them off.
  5. How to fix spacing problems when saving an MS Word file as an HTML file

    The problem - when one hits return in an MS Word file, it inserts a ¶. The ¶ is interpreted as a <p> when translated to HTML for certain styles. This causes a space to be inserted in the HTML code that may not be desired. The fix - change the ¶ to line breaks when an extra space is not desired

    • On the Home Tab, select Replace in Editing box
    • In Find and Replace box, Click on More
    • At the bottom of the box, Click on Special
    • Select the Paragraph Mark, a ^p should appear in the "Find what" box
    • Click on Special again and select Manual Line Break, a ^l will appear in the "Replace with" box
    • If you want to replace all paragraph indicators with line breaks, select Replace All. Otherwise, select Replace to just change the first ¶ mark found.