We all love Find-A-Grave. It is a wonderful resource that is incredibly useful to genealogists. However, given that they are a small operation, and the vast bulk of their records reside in the United States, it is currently only possible to search by country, or in the case of the United States, state and county.

This can be frustrating for those of us researching in Canada, who would like to be able to search by Province and county as well. I'm sure this will be addressed at some point, but until it is, I have quickly thrown together a couple of forms which will at least allow you to search by Canadian Province. Just put in your search terms as usual, and the form will take you to the Find-A-Grave site where you will receive your results.

Note that I have left in the ability to search on all other countries for your convenience, although I've removed the ability to search by US state/county, as it was simpler to just chop that out for now. If there turns out to be demand for it, I could recode to accommodate both Canadian Provincial and US State searches.

DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with Find-A-Grave, and is not endorsed or supported by them in any way.