Call for Papers


AGILE Workshop on Complex Data Mining in a Geospatial Context

24 april 2012, Avignon, France Theme In many fields, such as geodatabases, geographical web semantic, and of course in GIS, the amount of available data grows larger every day. Therefore, this often leads us to handle data: (i) from multiple sources such as sensors, or web research and survey; (ii) representing the same information (location, territory, land) at different dates (periods of time); (iii) grouping information from different types (images, texts, coordinates, shapes,...) or of different natures (web, ontology,...), etc. In the geospatial context, the complexity may concern the processes (data acquisition, data structuring, knowledge discovery) or the data theirselves (lack of information, uncertain data, serial data, etc.). Therefore, complex data mining in a geospatial context should structure complex data before extracting geopatterns. The consideration of the data mining step from the preprocessing to the utility of the extracted geopatterns is one of the workshop goals. Workshop and main conference This workshop would be a framework for collaboration between researchers/industrialists in order to share their practices * in the field of complex data mining for geoapplications. This workshop will be hosted by the Conference AGILE in Avignon (France). Scope Original papers are solicited from all areas of study of complex data mining in spatial/geographic application. Among the typical areas are complex geodata preprocessing and structuring, spatiotemporal data mining methods and processes, clustering, learning and merging of multi-sources and distributed data in geoapplications, experiment feedback from knowledge data discovery from complex data in a geospatial context and uncertainty issues in spatial data mining. New areas are always welcome. Submission Potential participants are invited to submit extended abstracts (around 1000 words) written in English and addressing some of the above mentioned topics. Abstracts will be reviewed and some will be selected for a paper presentation during the workshop. Abstracts may present either a finished work, a work in progress, or a reasoning about complex data mining in a geospatial context. Discussions about work made across disciplines are also welcome. Contributions are welcomed both from senior researchers and PhD students. Abstracts must be written in English according to the AGILE submission template
and formatting guidelines. Publication
The proceedings of CDMGSC@AGILE2012 will be published online. Program Committee: Gennady Andrienko (Germany) Thierry Badard (Canada)
    Guillaume Cleuziou (France)
    Lex Comber (UK) Cyril de Runz (France) Eric Desjardin (France) Rodolphe Devillers (Canada) Thomas Devogele (France) Sami Faiz (Tunisia) Peter Fisher (UK) Cidália Fonte (Portugal) Germain Forestier (France) Marta Fort (Spain) Andrew Frank (Austria) Mustapha Lebbah (France) Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi (Canada) Ana-Maria Olteanu (France) Julien Perret (France)
    Maribel Yasmina Santos (Portugal)
    Bettina Speckmann (Netherlands) Alfred Stein (Netherlands) Cedric Wemmert (France) Karine Zeitouni (France) Organizers: Cyril de Runz, France Thomas Devogele, France Julien Perret, France