Who are we & how do we work?

We are a networked not for profit organization registered in Belgium at the Registration nr.: 0812.047.673 (verifiable via: http://www.ejustice.just.fgov.be/tsv/tsvf.htm )

Our Participant Identification Code (PIC) in the European Commission's Beneficiary Register: 928254887

We bring together parties that want align with the mission to transit to a Green Economy, benefitting from that the best the EU and the EU Diaspora has to offer, to more efficiently bring ressources to our sides with our knowledge and capacity to generate CO2e certificates.  Our plan of action aligns Agenda21 - the plan of action made by the best of the best to help humanity make it beyond the year 2100.  To follow the huge growth numbers we are an open - networked organisation, ready for partnerships and also grow through partnerships; e.g. we set-up CO2e departments into existing organisations and then work towards merging them with other complementary or similar organisations in order to create the necessary "mass" and "competences" to meet the challenges posed upon all of us by the effects of the global climate destabilization.

Voici qui nous sommes: 
une équippe multi-culturelle, multi-generationel, gender balanced, internationale.

We sensibilize both the diaspora as parties in the receiving regions hosting/integrating the diaspora, that - in order to get to developing CO2e certificate generating projects, or sensibilization projects on the topic of the global climate destabilization - it is maybe AND a logical AND sustainable AND more efficient approach to NOT forget the diaspora; to look inside the diaspora if there are any groups that already have been developing projects in their regions of origin that could lead to CO2e certificate generation.  And to boost these projects, together with these diaspora groups, instead of taking an airplane and flying with a 100% "white-European face" team to Africa/Asia/Latin America, getting screwed a couple of times, running into walls, and after a lot of struggle to finally stumble towards potentially interesting people and organisations to then develop CO2e certificate generating projects.  

Western societies have been investing a lot of time and resources in integrating political refugees and even economic refugees.  There is intelligence and knowledge and competences in these groups and individuals.  The shift from a fossil fuel economy to a low carbon / green economy is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that a multi-cultural society is better equipped to take advantage from changes from outside than 100% "white societies".

At the same time, we hear it takes many - even very competent and intelligent people from the diaspora - an unreasonable hard and frustrating time to find their place in their hosting societies in Europe.  Is it then not to be recommended to reach out into this diaspora and see if there are not people interested in participating in developing CO2e certificate generating projects or sensibilization projects in their regions of origin?  To help constitute a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, gender-and age-balanced team ?

In DiasporaCO2e.org - and more specifically AfricaCO2e.org, we bring together such parties, interested in: Africa, CO2e-Climate Change, sustainable development, making money, attracting sustainable jobs and investors, sensibilization, leadership development and concrete actions both in the receiving region as the region of origin, bringing the best out in our communities and ourselves, and participate in via glorifying projects.

A little summary/intro:
In 2005, the Kyoto Protocol kick-started the Low Carbon/Green Economy, by enforcing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC.org and the CO2e-certificate generation and exchange mechanisms.

Ever since 2005, those companies and people - represented by governments - that cause(d) the Global Climate Destabilization HAVE to buy CO2e-certificates that can only be generated in countries that are victims of the Global Climate Destabilization and did NOT contribute to it.  In short, a very common legal practice has been put in place: the polluter pays for the damages caused.

The turnover of the CO2e-certificate trading topped 100 billion € in 2008, from a sector that didn't even exist prior to 2005.  The turnover in sustainable investments - windturbines, PV, ... - that generated these CO2e-certificates is estimated to have topped 2 Trillion €.

"We're talking about nothing less than the reindustrialization

of the whole planet." - Billionaire

Venture Capitalist John Doerr


In February, 2009, Doerr was appointed as a member

to the USA's President BARACK OBAMA as Economic

Recovery Advisory Board to provide the president and

his administration with advice and counsel in fixing

America's economic downturn. Doer is also a

www.TED.com fellow.

It is impossible to generate these CO2e certificates alone: you need to collaborate internationally.

the EU Blue Banana

With AfricaCO2, we demonstrate that multi-cultural societies manage to unlock opportunities more efficiently and faster and that the diaspora in these societies can be mobilized to be a valuable partner around the table to complete teams that want to create projects that generate CO2e certificates and hence offer additional ROI and Risk Reduction to their investors.  Thanks to the fact that the diaspora has one leg in the country of residence and an arm in the region of origin, they can often with 2 phonecalls put other parties in the West in contact with their counterparts in the African countries, and come to business.

To participate, AfricaCO2 has a very no-nonsense approach:

  1. Intro lectures and workshops.  Followed by:
  2. Intake Interview: who are you, what do you want to achieve, what are your aspirations in life even, how much time do you have, what resources do you have, your background, network, ... (2 x 1/2 day)
  3. SWOT-analysis on the info obtained (2 x 1/2 day)
  4. develop some scenario's and present them to you and eventually your CEO  (2 x 1/2 day)
  5. organize a 1 day workshop based (1 day preparation + 1 day workshop + 1/2 feedback/evaluation = 2 1/2 days) upon the detected scenario's for your board of directors and top management.  During this workshop they will be made familiar with the key figures, dates and principles of the Low Carbon Economy and CO2e-generation and trading.  In the second part of the day, the managers with enter into an Open Space methodology where they will both in group and individually create a Plan of Action for themselves which they will defend by the end of the day to the Board and the other managers: will they do something with the info received, will they convene a meeting tomorrow with their dpt, will they allocate additional resources, how much and when, adapt their strategic plan, a plan of action, etc.
If you are interested in joining our network.  Please contact us: skype SvenAERTS or SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com