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Team Building event: “2012 to 2015? Strategic Management & Leadership Development Workshop on the Flagship events of 2012 to 2015, you simply HAVE to know about.”

posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:59 AM by Sven AERTS   [ updated Oct 18, 2011, 1:06 PM ]

Team Building event:

“2012 to 2015? Strategic Management & Leadership Development Workshop on the Flagship events of 2012 to 2015, you simply HAVE to know about.”

Contact us to collaborate or order this strategic management exercise. Excellent for Team Building!

What are flagship events?

The main events and strategic lines set out by representatives of your sector, in collaboration with the UN, EU and similar.  Events & themes that will be hot for your sector in 2012 and the years after.

For whom?

Boards, Management, Marketing, Sales, CSR, foundations, Service Organizations

All sectors: private, public, ngo’s, individuals

Organization?    HUB21 and

HUB21 is managing a network where multi-disciplinary teams come together to work around Art - Innovation - Sustainability.  Our focus are

    • art and art projects that help innovations come to the market
    • to launch them via flagship events using the UN International Years, the World Expo's, the EU Green Capitals, the EU Capitals of Culture and Youth, ...
    • foster the creation of bi-directional gateways and partnerships along Agenda 21, our Multi-Polar world and its Green Economy in Brazil, India, EU, Russia, China, USA, Mexico, Africa and other Tiger Regions and Exceptional Individuals.


Strategic Management Workshop / HRM incentive teambuilding workshop

You plunge your teams in a speed learning game, where they take time to look at

    • the websites of the BRICS (Brazil, India, EU, Russia, China, USA, Mexico, South Africa and other Tiger regions relevant to the company)
    • the UN main themes for the years 2012 to 2015 & World Expos a.o.
    • idem for the EU Green Capitals, EU Capitals of Culture and Youth 2012-15

then they make time to discuss opportunities, synergies, implications to the companies and their own strategic plans.

The teams will brainstorm and develop scenario’s how to turn these into additional shareholder value, make a spreadsheet on additional revenues, costs for additional or reallocation of resources, estimate the profits and develop a presentation on how to convince the board of the additional share holder value and allocate the resources.

Agenda of the day? (suggestion)


    • Light Breakfast
    • kick-off speed learning game and presentation
    • workshop
      • team has to reflect on the info received and looked-up
      • synthesize the info in
    • a personalized presentation for the organization on these flagship events and how this knowledge reinforcemes the organizations’strategic plan 2012 and the following years
    • indicating how to create additional share-holder value/more customer/members/partners, what they are looking for
    • identifying how many resources it asks to be made available, costs, benefits and profits.


Afternoon: Continue of the Workshop, putting costs/benefits in spreadsheet and presentation, in case of break-out groups, do the presentation in a plenary session

Evening: Camp-fire meal & Walk over Fire

How often? You: once a year.  HUB21: We do the sessions all year round


  • Annual excercise for getting our framework and some points of references right again.
  • Lift-up our heads to see what the market demands and listen to what our federations and entities that are in daily contact with the representatives of peer partner regions all over the planet are communicating in terms of opportunities and what they put on the table to overcome the obstacles to go for these opportunities
  • A personalized presentation for the company and a spreadsheet with ball-mark figures on potential costs- benefits and resources requirements.
  • More relaxed team because they have a better understanding of the world in which they operate, their place in it, where is room for growth, attracting additional investments and expansion, add share-holder value and a plan to get there.


Team building

Strategic planning exercise

How many people can take part in a session?

We have experience working with small - 5 people - or larger groups - 20 people - that we set-up in open space, meaning the group is split up to work towards precise results s.a. drafting the spreadsheet with costs-benefits and present them in a plenary session.

What is needed? Laptops, Internet, Flip-over, Beamer, Paper, space for break-out sessions

Where? Nature education centre at National Park, Unesco site, EU Title Capital

Picture-Collage: example of such a workshop at a Flagship event - the EU Green Capital 2011 Hamburg “Train of Ideas” arriving in Antwerp, the EU Capital of Youth 2011.  One of the results was that the

Time? 3h + 1h lunch to 1 day or 2 days

20’ ice-breaking and speed learning game

20’ presentation

60’ exchanges of viewpoints

60’ drafting a proposal to update the companies plan of action with costs & profits, resources and time requirements.

20’ wrap-up

Costs ? About 2500 to 5000 €/group

2 moderators-coaches

Location at nature parc center

excl. lunch + drinks according to what is usual in the company

Thank you for reading

Contact: Skype SvenAERTS / / +32 2 7 876 7 21

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