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Next CO2e-info session: Caribbean july 5th

posted Apr 20, 2011, 1:14 PM by Sven AERTS   [ updated Apr 28, 2011, 4:43 AM ]
Post Grad. Eng. Sven Aerts and the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business – the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (“Lok Jack GSB”), have agreed to enter into an contract as one of the speakers at University of the West Indies Energy MBA - the Sustainable Energy Management Conference 2011 carded for Tuesday, July 5, 2011 in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for a lecture-workshop on the topic of 

"How to make money, bring sustainable jobs, financiers and innovative technology investments to your region thanks to the "Kyoto Protocol" in the Low Carbon Economy. 
Innovation & leadership development for, with and in the Caribbean, unlocking the Caribbean Innovative Minds. "
by Sven AERTS

Post Grad. Eng. Sven AERTS at the EU Sustainable Energy week 2011 - session Sustainable Energy Actions for Islands at the 
Comittee of the Regions, applauded and rewarded for several 
spot on interventions on practical actions.

The University of the West Indies, at St. Augustine Homepage

The Low Carbon Economy; welcome to a $45 trillion economy.

Subtitle: "We're talking about nothing less than the re-industrialization of the whole planet." - Billionaire Venture Capitalist John Doerr

In February, 2009, Doerr was appointed as a member to the USA's President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board to provide the president and his administration with advice and counsel in fixing America's economic downturn.  Doer is also a fellow.

Who should attend:
  1. Government representatives from countries that need CO2e certificates: Collaborating in Low Carbon Economy leadership trainings in the Caribbean?  How to set-up Government to Government framework agreements exchanging green innovative technologies, capacity building, financial services in exchange for CO2e-certificates? Printing CO2e-money between peoples? Town and regional twinning Initiatives, putting citizens in contact with the victims and solve the problem together? Linking up with your Local Agenda 21?
  2. Government representatives from countries where CO2e certificates can be generated
    1. Ministries of Energy:  How to tap into the 30 billion € fund for Climate Change Adaptation?
    2. Ministries of Agriculture: How to set-up and pay a quality insurance system, early detection and knowledge gathering and dissimination web-based tool for your ministry and agricultural sector to strenghten your resilience to travelling parasites/germs/fungi due to Climate Change, with the 30 billion € fund for Climate Change Adaptation?
    3. Ministries of Health: How to set-up and pay a quality insurance system, early detection and knowledge gathering and dissimination web-based tool for your ministry and health sector to strenghten your resilience to travelling parasites/germs/fungi due to Climate Change, with the 30 billion € fund for Climate Change Adaptation?
    4. Ministries of Environment: From a ministry of butterflies and bees to a ministry that's holding the key to the printing machines of the money of the Low Carbon Economy: CO2e-certificates. A 0 € business in 2005, over a 100 billion € business in CO2e certificates alone in 2008, to a 1 Trillion € business by 2020.  Are we ready?
    5. Ministries of Economics: Aligning our National Bank and other ministries to bring those investors and governments to our region.
    6. Ministries of Foreign Affairs: Bring those investors, wind-turbine manufacturers, innovative green R&D innonvators this way ! Sustainable jobs here please ! Your money, this way please ! How to adapt our pitch and sales talk?
    7. Ministries of Development: All kids in Panama have a One Laptop Per Child laptop.  It's wifi, with a webcam, voip, a mobile video-phone, a light source, solar PV powered and mainly paid for by the CO2e-certificates the project "prints"/generates.  Why don't our kids have one?
    8. Ministry of Education and the Educational Sector: The money is there, the technologies are there, the legal framework is there and the Global Climate Destabilization is not going away for the next couple of hundred years.  What is the bottle-neck? TRANSFER OF KNOW-HOW! Do our students know how to print CO2e certificates? Multi Billionaire John DOERR of the rescue team of Barak OBAMA, sais about 85% of all companies are going to have to re-invent themselves and move from the fossil economy into the Low Carbon Economy or they will no longer be or be taken over. We have to help teach our economic and governmental actors to speak "Kyoto" !  The bottle-neck is in our departments! What strategies to develop? What actions to take? Low Carbon Economy and innovation, a new center of Caribbean excellence? Preparing for the post depletion of petro-gas era in Trinidad.   Restructuring the Trinidad Economy.  Innovation is here!
  3. Pension funds, Investors, banks, venture capitalists, financiers: interested in projects with additional ROI from the generation and sale of CO2e-certificates?  What are the interesting sectors? Who is ready in the Caribbean? What is the potential amount of CO2e-money you can print?
  4. Project developers and business people: Interested in linking-up their business with the Low Carbon Economy?  How to pitch-up your business communication to attract these CO2e-investors?  How to be ready to develop new partnerships? How to demonstrate the Caribbean business community, financial sector and government are ready ? How to print  CO2e-money, the money of the Low Carbon Economy in the real estate sector, the tourism sector, the petro and gas sector, energy sector, etc. ?
  5. The fossil sector: Is it a Low Carbon Economy or an anti-Carbon Economy? Boxing opportunities for M&A's or aikido? The General Motors approach or the Toyota Prius Approach?  CO2e-opportunities in the Caribbean? What if it were a good thing?  Un-dusting our innovative techs and making money with them, and people that we already have?!  Increasing share holder value?
  6. NGO's: What is the role of the NGO in the Low Carbon Economy? Since 2005, do we print Money? Have we become Capitalists?
  7. Youth Organizations: Near to free holidays and traveling world wide to participate in youth trainings by and for Youth Organizations?
In short: you don't want to miss this ! 

"... one of the most mind-opening lectures I've ever been to.  We're making money and at the same time we do good for the planet on the go.  
This Low Carbon Economy transition ... it's a paradigm shift !"

The ALJ logo shows roadmap to innovative change and a bright future under a golden arc and somewhere on that road there is a a bright individual making its way to find and make its way to that future.  And if there is going to be a future, let it be a sustainable one for all.

Price: 500 $

More info: Ms. Nadine Johnson - Conference Manager
Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Max Richards Drive, Uriah Butler Highway, North West, Mt. Hope
• Tel: (868) 662 9894 Ext. 316 • Fax: (868) 662 1411
• Email: n.johnson at gsb dot tt •

Intro University of the West Indies - Caribbean

Caribbean - Trinidad preparation for the post gaz era when the gaz resources will be depleted.

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