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AfricaCO2e-Africa & ICT for Climate Change Management

posted Apr 14, 2011, 6:30 AM by Sven AERTS   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 5:42 PM ]
Herewith a report on our interventions on examples of what could be financed with the "Climate Change Adaptation Fund" and ICT for Climate Change, during 2011 EU Sustainable Energy Week - sort of the Open Doors of the Directorate General of Energy, Climate Change, Environment to allow all interested to come meet and greet all those names one constantly reads and meets in grant forms and legislative texts/meetings - AfricaCO2e was a well noted participant in several sessions.

ICT and CO2e - It's a project we've been working on for numerous years now: how to be more resilient as a people in a certain region when it's your turn to take the hit of the Global Climate Destabilization?

One strategy that keeps coming back is: invest in your youth.  Make sure they have the tools to save themselves, their families and society.  Sounds like a good idea if all of your youth would know how to work with internet, mobile phones, organize themselves over the internet, for sure know how to read and write, know where there are funds, how to apply, make a budget, be able to think in projects and bring that money to their regional society.
Enters: One Laptop Per Child - the educational initiative that alligns with Agenda 21 - Millennium Development Goal nr 2: bringing Universal Primary Education to all by 2015.

(Picture: Tönu KARU-Representative of Talinn to the EU. Talinn is our EU Capital of Culture 2011 ! Doing some great promotional work here at the Comittee of the Regions - Sustainable Energy Week :) The lady is Ambassador of Ruanda to The Hague Ms. Immaculée UWANYILIGIRA. The Estonian flag matches her well. An international, gender balanced, inter-generational and inter-cultural team to inspire all: here demonstrating the OLPC-One Laptop Per Child educational project along MDG nr 2: Universal Primary Education.

OLPC intro video 1 : 1 minute

OLPC intro video nr 2: another 1 minute

Peru, Panama and some island states now have 100% of their kids aged 6 to 12 equipped with such an OLPC laptop: it has wifi that immediately detects and interconnects, establishes a grid connection with all friendly laptops around, webcam video chat, it's so power friendly it can be charged with a PV.
Nothing special so far.  True, but it took OLPC about 11 years to get to this result.  Our innovation is to look at the project from another angle, with "Kyoto" glasses and from other beholders perspectives.
What if you'd look at it through the eyes of a pension fund investing in CO2e-generating projects using PV.  They're now probably investing in a 10 km2 PV farm in the middle of nowhere: PV is direct current, probably must be transformed to high tension = losses 1, maybe even alternating current = losses nr 2, then transported over 50 km = losses nr 3 and a huge investment, then in town be transformed back into low tension = losses nr 4, and then what do we want to charge with that alternating current? Right: a mobile phone= direct current, a LED-TV = direct current, a laptop computer = direct current transformed via our ... well transformator.  So 60% of the energy never arrives.  Why do these investor invest in such inefficient projects? They need CO2e certificates and lack of alternative.
But isn't OLPC a PV project as well? 1 million kids carrying each 0,25 m2 of PV and the rest on school roofs, hospital roofs, municipal buildings, churches... We can get rid of 10 km2 of PV via an OLPC Millennium Developmet Goal nr 2 project.
We can bring more CO2e certificates for the same buck.
And referring to the UNCTAD report "DEVELOPING ECONOMIES EMERGE AS MAIN SOURCE OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT  - New York, Apr 27 2011  3:10PM, we read there are many bankers and insurance companies and pension funds that want to tap into these growth markets, but they're sort of shooting blanks: giving bank accounts to just anybody in a high growth region, hoping some will be lifted up by the growth of the economy there.  But what if we comission would we get if we'd give them just those families that have a laptop + wifi voip phone + everybody who can read and write there + a led lamp + PV panel ?  Those families are FAR more likely to throw their hooks and life-lines around clif-hangers from the rising economies in their region.  Aren't they?
Interested in earning a ticket to heaven, pre-financing the pre-study, or giving us a price? Just Contact Us ... there's more where this came from.