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A 1CO2e-dukaat to Fundraise & Link-up with the UN International Year for People of African Descent

posted Feb 11, 2011, 9:33 AM by Sven AERTS   [ updated Oct 16, 2015, 7:34 AM ]

The 1CO2e-dukaat is a result of a series of Leadership Workshops with young Africans, people of the African Diaspora and their peers in the 1st world.

The 1CO2e-dukaat is used to fundraise for CO2e-certificate generating projects, such as tree planting and link both people from the 1st world and those who cannot buy-out from the global climate destabilization.

Different opportunities for collaboration are possible, e.g.:
  1., organize sports with street kids and orphans, and then move beyond.  To fundraise they plant trees around sports fields and sell the CO2e absorbed by the trees via our 1CO2e-coin to fundraise.
  2. exchanges them for USA $, Euro's and other currencies of the fossile based economy.
  3. you can order the coins.  They're available in Belgian Chocolate, Coockies, Bioplastic, Cardboard, Metal, ...
  4. offer them at large festivals as a sustainable and smart alternative to the throw away paper tickets for drinks and food.
  5. is using the 1CO2e-dukaat in its YES WE CAN, SPRAY IT LOUD - Tanzania Leadership workshop and international exhibition.
The 1CO2e-coins come with a project file which you can adapt so you can easily communicate to your potential sponsors what this is all about, including spreadsheets to make up budgets, an order form, and additional merchandising material.

For more info, please check out the presentation, and of course we're always available for more info (Contact Us):


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