Gadgets / Promotional Items / Fundraising

To our network: here you can put a list with gadgets, promotional items for fundraising that have a link with Africa & Climate Change & Development.
  1.  by, direct contact: Skype: SvenAERTS -  or SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com

  2. Belgian Chocolats in the form of a CO2e-money: coin, cookie, lolly, chocolate bar, poker chip.  Info: skype: SvenAERTS or SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com
  3. Carbon Neutral Bio-latex Recyclable Balloons with your imprint
  4. Carbon Neutral Event Wrist-Bands on eco-textile
  5. Carbon Neutral Event Tokens to pay food and drinks with on events
  6. All above can come with or without real CER's or VER's etc. Ask us more.
  7. All above support and can even make you co-investors/share-holders in CO2e-reducing projects.  Ask us more.
These items can be great cliff-hangers or items to link-up with:
  1. 2011 UN International Year for People of African Descent
  2. 2011 UN International Year for the Forest
  3. 2010-11 UN International Year for Youth and Participation
  4. Antwerp 2011 EU Youth Capital
  5. EU Capital of Culture
  6. EU Green Capital City
We are a networked not for profit organization registered in Belgium at the Registration nr.: 0812.047.673 (verifiable via: )

Nom de notre Banque:  PNB Paribas - Fortis IBAN : BE64 0015 9309 4452- Code BIC : GEBABEBB