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The money is there, the technologies - windturbines, PV, biogas, ... - are there, the legal and binding framework is there ... where is the bottle-neck ? Just as in any other double digit growth sector: TRANSFER OF KNOW-HOW.
It is for this reason that a KEY-element in any organization that wants to be succesfull in the Low Carbon Economy to have an ACADEMY.

Simply transferring know-how is often not enough.  Therefore we offer Leadership Development and a regular coaching.  We work on several axes:

Our internationally networked ngo by and gathering African Alumni Diaspora in several continents to unlock their "Kyoto Protocol" Potential, organises
- Cycles of Sensibilisation Sessions
- Cycles of Intro Sessions to the "Kyoto Protocol" and how to create welfare, sustainable and local jobs, make money, set-up agreements with technology suppliers, attract financiers interested in the additional Roi from the generation and sale of CO2e-certificates of such CO2e-Reducing Projects under the Kyoto Protocol
- Climate Change Adaptation: Early detection and response programs
- Organising a "Boutique" where they gather all projects per type or per region for financiers
- Confidence & Partnership building round tables unlocking your "Kyoto Protocol" Potential, for politicians of countries that need CO2e-Certificates, where they can be generated, industrials, universities and eco-innovators, Financiers, in collaboration with the Brussels Representation to the European Union : Brussels CETS : Brussels, Capital of the European Emission Trading System

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