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AfricaCO2.org is a Not For Profit, offering a Platform to bring together parties interested in Africa, CO2e, development and the Global Climate Destabilisation.

AfricaCO2 bases its plan of action along Agenda 21, the Millennium Development Goals and the insights of the IPCC.

AfricaCO2e encourages working via Virtual Spaces.  Some are public, some are restricted to Members Only, and we also have this space where are you are now that is open and free to all.  The viewpoints expressed here are on the responsibility of those who develop them and not of AfricaCO2.  Via the history, one can see who wrote what and when.  The viewpoints of AfricaCO2 are published on www.AfricaCO2.org only.

We wish you a good collaboration.  Just hit the "login" button and an "edit page/save page/add page" will appear.

To become familiar with the tools hit the "Help Button" or order our trainingscourse on "Virtual Offices, Change Management and Knowledge Management".  This trainingscourse won the 2002 NetD@ys logo by the EU Directorate General for Education and Culture.

Enjoy ...