The Library

          The library was founded in 1987 by María Margarita Davis, an American religious women from the Congregación Corazón de María. Together with María Elena Bonilla, the two women carried books in a cart. They would read books to kids on the street corner by the school or inside the school. In 1988 the religious congregation left and María Elena was left in charge of the library with Raquel, Javier, Asael, a a CPF called Santos. They built the library where they are now with the help of ProNica. In 2006 they lost a lot of books due to a termite infection.

         Currently Janet is the librarian and has been since 2002. Janet was born in Acahualinca and came to the library when she was young. She was a promoter in the Center since it began and when María Elena y Raquel began to study Janet took charge of the library. The library functions without government help. It is an informal library where children from the community can come to talk, play, and read. There is no cost for the children and they can bring books home to their houses.

         Lillian of ProNica calls the library a “sanctuary” for the children where they can get away from the other pressures and problems in their lives.


The Preschool

        María Elena opened the preschool in 2000. It was born from the need that she saw while working in the library because there were no preschools in that time. Now there are three teachers in the preschool who are also members of the community and promoters in the Center. They are in charge of the first, second, and third levels of the preschool.

        The preschool has very limited resources and the teachers work full time for salaries of only $5 a month, but it is a blessing for the children who attend. Many of them have parents who work in La Chureca, the garbage dump of Managua, collecting recyclable goods to resell. They would most likely being working alongside their parents in the dump if they didn’t go to the preschool.