Current members    
     Yechul Shin (3/2016~, M.S.-Ph.D. course      Doyeon Kim (3/2016~, M.S.-Ph.D. course
Hanjun Kim (3/2017~, 
M.S.-Ph.D. course

    Chanyeong Park (02/2020~, M.S. course)          Jiheun Lee (09/2019~, M.S. course)

Research interest
 Yechul Shin (3/2016~): Extratropics-to-tropics teleconnection (role of ocean circulation, effect of temporally varying forcing)
 Doyeon Kim (3/2016~): Polar amplification
 Hanjun Kim (3/2017~): Understanding model-spread of tropical precipitation pattern  

Former members
Jeongbin Seo (M.Sc. 2016): K-water       Yoojeong Chae (M.Sc. 2015): KMA      Kiwoong Park (M.Sc. 2019) : Weather wing

JiYeong Kim (M.Sc. 2020) : UNIST