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Testing Gadgets


Media giants enslave a harbored division against a free cultural artistic vision while the political leaders & TV preachers pretend to be real influential speakers by guilting the masses into practicing wartime tactics while love is forbidden in this time of economic intermission and all we can hope to do is use our ropes of truth to span this division


Dropship combat fanatics got your nuclear armsrace schematics tactics while the city collapsing and entraping the real victims of these urban assassans when boxes glow with the propaganda flow of no time we know and the new low is purchased for death row cause the anticombat climax of residential tiebacks forcing the ride back to end stat.



So I have a new favourite song, it's The Games We Played by Torley Wong and is 17 minutes of piano renditions of a lot of awsome songs from video games, most are recognizable, some are not so much. And hell! I have a project due in 2 hours!!!


Woo for random gidgets. It's in a seprate link on my side bar as you can see. I'm also working still on my JavaScript interface for a web broswer. Just a little fun thingy for no reason. As you can also see I am updating this every day. I will also work on a CMS so I can update easily, probably by sending an e-mail to a certan addy? I dunno... I should ask Google about that!


Adding more and more random stuff. I have some little things for projects here already. Hopefully I can make some high class webpageness with this. For the most part, it is probably going to replace my old website entirely. My old site will still be linked to for files and whatnot.


This is my new webpage using Google Page Creator. I should be updating this quite often with neat little things that I can update it with. First off, thanks for being here =) also I would like to ask you to donate any spare money [ if you have a PayPal account ] here at the bottom, click the camera. Also if you want you can take a gander at the new programming language I am working on that is based off of Befunge-93 that can be seen here.