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I'm currently a Simons postdoc at IHES. I received my phd in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Antonella Grassi. My research areas are birational geometry, tropical geometry, and (homological) mirror symmetry. 


Research Publications:

Kernels for Compactifications (w/ M. Ballard, D. Favero). Submitted. (59 pages) arXiv link

The Mori Program and non-Fano Homological Mirror Symmetry (w/M. Ballard, D. Favero, L. Katzarkov, G. Kerr). In print: Transactions of the AMS. (40 pages) arXiv link

Symplectomorphism Group Relations and Degenerations of Landau-Ginzburg models (w/ L. Katzarkov, G. Kerr). In print: Journal of the European Math Society. (104 pages) download link

Compactifications of Moduli Spaces of Landau-Ginzburg Models (w/ L. Katzarkov, G. Kerr). In print: Izvestyia (Shafarevich Memorial Volume). (20 pages) arXiv link

The Birational Geometry of Tropical Compactifications. Phd thesis (Upenn) Link

Expository Publications: Birational Geometry and Derived Categories. Contribution to the PIMS Superschool on Derived Categories and D-Branes. download link

Old teaching pages: Math 510 (advanced linear algebra, University of Miami). 

Old organizational pages: from March 6, 2016 through March 11, 2016 David Favero, Matthew Ballard, and I organized a workshop at Banff on homological mirror symmetry and birational geometry.

Recent Travel: 
2/25: Harvard CMSA 
1/29: Miami
1/21: Banff
11/6: Bryn Mawr/Haverford Bi-Co Colloquium (Philadelphia) 

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