Curriculum Vitae

1921 - 2018

C(arl) David Gutsche retired from active academic work in 2002 after a 55-year career in university teaching and research. During the period 2002-2008 he lived in a retirement community in Tucson AZ called The Academy Village and was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Arizona. In 2008 he moved to the Northwest where he and his wife Alice lived part of the time in a retirement community in Seattle called Horizon House and part of the time in their home across Puget Sound in Indianola.

During his 42-year career in the Department of Chemistry of Washington University in St Louis (1947-1989), he rose through the ranks to become Professor in 1959, Department Chairman 1970-76 and Professor Emeritus in 1989, at which time he joined Texas Christian University in Fort Worth as the Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry (1989 -2002).

His research covered a variety of fields of organic chemistry, including Diazoalkane-Carbonyl Reactions, Carbene Chemistry, Photochemistry, Boroxazolidines, Polylfunctional Catalysis, Enzyme Mimics, Micellar Catalysis, and Calixarenes. It is the last of these for which he is most noted, having pioneered the field of calixarene chemistry that has expanded to involve many scientists in a variety of disciplines around the world.

His publications include 165 journal articles, 6 books (including a major text book [1975] on Organic Chemistry) and numerous chapters in books. He has been awarded several honors including inter alia Guggenheim Fellowship (1981) and the Alumni Award of Washington University (1976) given for excellence in teaching, based on recommendations from alumni 5-10 years beyond their baccalaureate degree.

He was married to Alice Carr Gutsche since 1944, and they are the parents of Clara Jean, Betha Lynn and Christopher Glen, grandparents of Sarah Johanna Gutsche-Miller, Alice Jemima Gutsche-Smith, and Oliver Ogden Gutsche-Smith, and great grandparents of Hannah Vonde Moortele (daughter of Sarah).