Math on the “Planes”


Presented by

Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities

Colorado Department of Education

Colorado Metro Math Intervention Team


November 14, 2009:   We’ve Got Data...Now What?


Workshop 1 will answer the question: What do we need to know about a student’s understanding of math in order to provide appropriate instruction?

  • What do we know about how math understanding develops?
  • What do we look for within our current assessment sources to identify the needs of our struggling learners?
  • How do we ensure that data are analyzed and used to inform instructional decisions on an ongoing basis?
  • How do we identify the appropriate content and/or intensity of intervention needed to support All learners?
  • How will we know if our students are making adequate progress on important mathematical concepts, and how do we use this knowledge to inform instructional decisions?


This workshop will be led by Melissa Colsman, Content Specialist for Mathematics for Colorado Department of Education and other math leaders from The Colorado Metro Math Intervention Team (CoMMIT).  Daphne Pereles, RTI/PBS Unit for CDE, will provide an overview of RTI.



February 26-27, 2010:   What Do We Mean by Explicit and Systematic Instruction?


Workshop 2 will answer the question: How can we implement evidence-based instructional strategies to improve our effectiveness for students who struggle in math? 

  • Who struggles in math and why?
  • What are the evidenced-based practices that will allow us to better meet the needs of our students?
  • How will this look across the three tiers?


This workshop will be led by Dr. Bradley Witzel, Ph.D.


 More and more students are struggling in mathematics. In this workshop, Dr. Witzel shows why some students might repeatedly fail and, more importantly, how to help these students succeed. Using evidence-based practices of systematic, explicit and CRA instruction, participants will learn how to adapt their classrooms to the needs of struggling math students.


 Dr. Witzel is one of the authors of “Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: RTI for Elementary and Middle Schools” and is the co-author of Computation of Integers: Math Intervention for Elementary and Middle Grades Students and Computation of Fractions: Intervention for Elementary and Middle Grades Students. 



July 26-30, 2010:   Math Boot Camp. . .  How Can We Increase Our Capacity?


Workshop 3 will answer the question: When school starts this fall, how will our team provide comprehensive and effective-math instruction for ALL students in our schools?


This week-long offering will focus on increasing a deeper understanding of mathematical content with attention to integrating instructional and assessment practices to support math learning.

This workshop will have elementary and secondary breakout groups.  The elementary content will include a focus on whole number concepts and the secondary will include a focus on rational number concepts.


The specific content is currently being developed and will continue to evolve as we assess the needs of our target audience.  Updates and registration information will be provided as they become available.


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