About us

CD country services was set up in 2015 and is based in south wales.

I have always been a practical person with a passion for horses. This soon led me into starting my own business. I took part in training courses and worked closely with BS course designers, this gave me great insight into what the local equestrian community need and wanted.

Once I built my first cross country fence the ball was well and truly rolling. We started off with one small order and soon found we had a waiting list. I was then offerd a few wings and poles, and in late 2015 I found myself putting together a working hunter set that I would be hiring out.  This was a great opportunity for the local community to hire the set and either run their own shows or just have fun at home with their yard friends. This continues to be hired out and has even made an appearance at the royal welsh spring festival.

In early 2017 CDCS decided to take another big step and make a full BS set of show jumps. So work was soon under way designing, planning and making a top quality set. Once this was completed we already had a list of people wanting to book the set, some local yards for clinics and some county level shows.


Now 2 years on and what an exciting ride it’s been, With 2 sets being booked most weekends and lots of shows booking well in advance for coming years.  We continue to make and sell all types of jumps and always welcome new ideas and designs.   This is the main agenda of CDCS to supply top quality jumps to valued customers.

It’s been a very exciting time with many new clients and friends made, without these we wouldn’t be where we are today.  I would like to say a very big thank you to all that’s been a part of CDCS`s successful start, and look forward to meeting new clients and friends along the way.

Where we going in the next few months, years.

Continue to make and supply top quality jumps.

Purchase a lorry to transport the sets with living for a cheeky cup of tea.

Become a BS course designer.

So lots to look forward to with hard work and continued support this will soon be achieved.