Welcome to our humble home and thank you for stopping by. I try to keep the page current and make updates when I can. Spare time isn't exactly in abundance with four kids but I do my best. Maybe I'll get the girls involved in updating. Um.....maybe not. Well, let me introduce you to our family.
My name is Chris, Christopher to be exact, and I work for NorthEast Power in Palmyra, Missouri. I've been there since January 2nd 2008 and I'm classified as a Programmer / Systems Analyst. I do a little database programming, a little html programming and whatever else comes up along the way. Northeast Power is a transmission cooperative. We get the power from the generation plants out to the member-service cooperatives.

I've got a few hobbies that keep me busy (as if the kids and wife didn't). You can check it out on my page. There's a link to it above.

My wife, Melissa, started at Palmyra R1 at the beginning of the 2007 school year as one of their High School math teachers. She had previously taught at Highland High School in Lewis County. It was a tough move for her because she had made a lot of friends at Highland. I think the biggest deciding factor was that she would finally be on the same schedule as our kids. When she's not teaching, grading papers, or on a bus with a group of cheerleaders, she likes to swim and spend time with her girls. Her page is a link to her classroom page. It lists the policies for her classroom and the current assignments for her classes. I make no promises on how often it's updated. She handles that one herself.
We have four daughters. From oldest to youngest there's: Maryn, Paige, Drew and Renae. Maryn's in fourth grade, Paige is in second grade, Drew is in Kindergarten and Renae goes to daycare in Palmyra. Needless to say, we keep busy. I'm pretty sure that we've got something going every night of the week.

I don't believe a family is complete unless God is there also. To keep God a part of our lives we're also involved in different ministries through our church. We go to Immanuel Baptist Church in Hannibal, MO.

I'm trying to keep a rotating photo gallery of each girl out here. I use Google's Picasa service to host my photos. They're mostly candids and school pics but on occassion you'll get something special. Take a look at what I've got and check back regularly for updates. God Bless!