2015 Luncheons Celebrate our Colonial Period                                  

Appreciating the privilege of family lineage dating back to the Colonial Period, our fall 2014 program concentrated on Plymouth Colony from 1620-1649, and the extraordinary difficulties a small group of separatists faced in an effort to be free of religious persecution enforced by the Church of England.
William Bradford, one of the important leaders of the group and second governor of Plymouth Plantation, left a journal recording the trials of the voyage and settlement which assisted in the study. Read the Mayflower Compact and be inspired by the message that has helped define our nation.

Our spring 2015 program continued with a study following development of the New England colonies from 1650-1699. As word of success at Plymouth spread throughout England and Europe, by 1699 the colonies had a total population estimated at 249,856. The vast opportunities, resources available, new land and thoughts of adventure brought thousands at a rate of 3,621 per year. In the interest of brevity, four colonies were discussed, each with distinguishing characteristics.

We will continue in spring 2016 with the Virginia Colony and its unique history.

Joan Baskette
Program Chairman

2015 Summer Board Meeting

 2013-2016 Elected Officers are as follows:
Gail McClanahan Holman, President
Danya Kendall Downey, Middle Tennessee Vice President
Barbara McCoin, East Tennessee Vice President
Kathryn Smith Dixon, West Tennessee Vice President
Joan L. Cherry, Treasurer
Beth Campbell, Recording Secretary
Elizabeth James, Corresponding Secretary
Sondra Lee, Registrar
Lattie Noel Brown, Chaplain
Pam Couts Drake, Yearbook


2013-2016 Officers

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  • The Fall Luncheon will be held on Friday, September 25, 2015 at 12:00pm at The Centennial Club in Nashville.
  • Members from West Tennessee have invited us for a visit on Tuesday, October 27, 2015.