CCWLP 2022-2023 Professional Learning Program

"Amplifying interculturality

to become agents of change as multilingual-multicultural learners."


CCWLP is committed to offering the best professional learning opportunities to student teachers & K-16 educators while supporting World Languages & Dual Immersion


In-Person Programs Available

  • Foundations 1 & 2

  • Spanish Heritage

  • Multimedia Level 1

Hybrid Programs Available

  • Hmong

  • Dual Immersion

Virtual Program Available

  • Technology Intermediate/Advance

(Virtual Technology Strand Will Be Available Following the Fresno State Dates)

Oct. 15, 22
•Dec. 3, 22
•Feb 4, 23
•*Mar. 18, 23

April 22, 23


•Oct. 8, 22
•Jan. 14, 23
•Feb 11, 23
•*Mar. 18, 23
April 29, 23

5-Day Program
(Fee Includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Instructional Materials, except March 18.)

Teachers and Administrators

Classified as first year Administrators and full-time Teachers working for more than two (2) years.

First Year and Part-Time

Classified as Part-Time Teachers or Intern Teachers/First Year Teachers (eligibility for this rate is not to exceed two years)

Student Teachers

Classified as Student Teachers (not the teacher of record)

Continuing Education Credits

Application Available

Participants must complete 40 hours of required training in order to apply for and receive continuing units. 2.5 Credits, from Stanford University, will be available for $100 upon completing 5 full day, 40 total hours, workshop. Stanford Unit registration form will be provided in Spring 2023 and is due the last day of the program.