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What is a Classical Conversations Community?



Classical Conversations of West Chester, Pennsylvania

Classical Conversations of West Chester, Pennsylvania is a local Christian classical home school community committed to knowing God and making Him known. We provide structure, accountability, friendship and support to like-minded families on their home education journey.

Families meet together weekly to learn about the world and the God who created it. Through academic seminars led by trained tutors, children and their parents are encouraged and challenged to increase their knowledge and understanding in seven key subjects. The educational and fun activities provided by Classical Conversations are certain to inspire and motive students and to enable their parents to teach at home more effectively and confidently.


CC Of West Chester Goals:

  • To provide foundational instruction for K-6th graders to enable them to know God and to make Him known
  • To participate in a rigorous memorization program capitalizing on the young child’s ability to absorb facts
  • To instill a comprehensive understanding of Providence by mastering a timeline of significant historical events
  • To teach students to draw and label continents from memory
  • To develop a strong science vocabulary, to participate in science projects, and to teach the scientific method
  • To help students develop oral and written presentation skills
  • To model for students a respect for God’s Word, the USA, and one another
  • To memorize the major grammar rules of the English language
  • To demonstrate how to learn Latin
  • To master common math tables, conversions, squares, and cubes
  • To encourage parents to form friendships and provide accountability for educational excellence

The site is independent of Classical Conversations and was not created and is not maintained by Classical Conversations. Classical Conversations’ program information and community logo are used with permission. You may visit Classical Conversations website at www.ClassicalConversations.com , as well as our online bookstore at www.ClassicalConversationsBooks.com. Please review Terms of Service

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