Waste and trash collection containers are provided by Highlands County through Waste Connections in several locations within our community. Waste Connections restricts what items can be placed into those containers and these are the general guidelines.
  • Place household  trash into the container, not outside.
  • Breakdown boxes, containers & other items to conserve space.
  • If container is full, please take items to a container that is less full.
  • Do not block the front of the container to prevent collection. The driver will not exit his vehicle to clear the path!
  • Make sure the lid is closed to prevent wildlife attention.
  • No hazardous materials as oils, solvents, paints, etc. allowed.
  • Paint cans are allowed if left open until paint has dried.
  • No water heaters, appliances, grilles, or alike items allowed in the container.
  • Bulky items like large furniture, appliances, etc, must be place in the enclosed area located at the intersection of Villaway North and West. FREE pick up can be arranged by calling Waste Connections at 863-655-0005.
Please help to keep our community clean and beautiful.