Greetings to all CCV Owners:
I hope you've had a good summer. 

While you’ve been away, we’ve gotten a lot of things done!  

For those who haven't heard, we reached a claim settlement with the insurance company for Irma damages. Due to that settlement we've been able to expand our summer projects. Below is a short list of that work.

We're in the process of replacing all of the villas shingle roofs with metal.  We have 95 buildings & currently we have installed 55 new metal roofs. We should have them all done by early November.

We’ve replaced & or added 42,274 sq. ft. of concrete this summer. Installed a new curb inlet & a new yard drain. Installed 300’ of 24” pipe out to the canal from the new inlet.  Installed 165’ of 8” pipe from the yard drain to the new curb inlet box. Intersected the 2 pipes coming from the sump pumps behind Pool 1 that previously drained onto the street & tied them together connecting them to a new 2” pipe which we ran 213’ into the new curb inlet box as well.     

Joe has just completed the installation of our new mailboxes.  "Upon your return, you will need to contact the Villa office to get your new mailbox key between the hrs. of 8:30AM -5:00PM. (863)655-0596. 

Most of the old concrete has been chemically cleaned.

The new flag pole should be here this week.

Several pieces of new pool furniture are on order.

The curb painting & parking lot striping will be starting later this month.

Joe has had several walls w/cracks repaired & they will be painted soon.  Several walls are scheduled for cleaning as well.

The palm trees have been trimmed. 

So we've been very busy this summer.  So when you all get here, say a big thank you to Joe.


We've installed a new fenced enclosure at the corner of Villaway N & W where all bulk trash items are to be placed for pick up.  No trash of any kind is to be placed on the ground!!!

Put all trash bags in a dumpster!!! All bulk items in the enclosure!!!

There will be consequences for any violators of this policy!
We hope you will all enjoy seeing the improvements.

I hope to see you all here soon.  Travel safely!


To All Owners :

Joe Troia, our property manager, is a contractor working for the CCV Board.  He is not your employee as some of you seem to think. He is not obligated to see or talk to you 24/7. 

Unless you have a dire emergency, don’t be contacting him except during normal business hours!  Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.  His villa is his home.  His evenings & weekends belong to him.  Please respect Joe & Margaret’s privacy.

Thank you for your understanding & consideration going forward. 


Michael Smith

President CCV-HOA