Ubuntu. [oo-BOON-too]  "I am because of you.  You are because of me."  Ubuntu is an ethical concept of African origin.  It has various interpretations, all of which speak to our common humanity and interconnectedness.  A person with Ubuntu realizes that there is a greater whole and that we are each diminished when others suffer, are humiliated, tortured, oppressed, or excluded.  Ubuntu calls us to be open and available to others and to live in relationship
.  Ubuntu resonates deeply with our UU principles which affirm human dignity and our interconnectedness.

At Countryside Church UU we are on a journey to explore Ubuntu.  How can we open ourselves to 'the other'?  and to one another?   How can our congregation welcome the stranger, welcome all visitors and members, live in relationship, and work together against abuse, oppression and discrimination for a more just and equitable world for all?  Join us as we walk and learn together.