The Department of Psychology was established in 1992. Currently, it offers three levels of degree: BA, MS, and Ph.D. There are six areas in the graduate program:  cognitive, developmental, physiological, social, quantitative, and clinical. The Department includes 18 full-time faculties and 2 professors emeriti. The mission of the Department is to provide students with both broad and in-depth knowledge in psychology to prepare them for future goals in employment and academics.

As the first four-year university established in the area, one major goal of the University is to connect to local people to meet their needs. The Department of Psychology fulfills this goal by training the students from the neighboring areas. In addition, collaborative relationships have been built between the faculty members and local hospitals and medical doctors to support each other in clinical field and interventions. As one of few psychology programs in Taiwan with six various subfields, the Department of Psychology provides students a comprehensive training. Moreover, faculty members in the Department have shown strong research and teaching credentials. The students not only learn from class instructions but also are encouraged to participate in various laboratories to explore their interests and sharpen their research skills. An overarching goal is for faculty members to be involved in multi-disciplinary courses and research projects. Both undergraduate and graduate students benefit from these approaches to be better prepared for future challenges.


Psychology Department currently includes six program areas for graduate students: cognitive, physiological, developmental, social, quantitative, and clinical. We are proud of our low faculty student ratio to provide students bountiful opportunities for working closely with the faculty on research projects. For undergraduate students, various courses are offered to fulfill their requirements and to prepare them for post-baccalaureate programs of interest.
Information of each course offered including the syllabus can be found in the E-Course site to help the students determine whether or not they should take the class. Additional classes are offered to meet students' wide range of interests.


The Department of Psychology currently employs 18 full-time faculty members from six major fields: physiological, social, developmental, quantitative, cognitive, and clinical. Each faculty member provides unique research expertise that graduate students are likely to pursue a research goal that fits their own interest. Individual and collaborative research works are frequently conducted. For specific research interests and detailed information of each faculty member and the publications, please refer to their individual site.