Welcome to RSD13 Common Core State Standards Tech Skills Site! 

Tech Skills
There are several technology skills necessary to be successful on the Smarter Balanced (CCSS) testing for students grades 3-6. They include: 
  • Mouse Skills
  • Keyboarding
  • Navigation
  • Drag & Drop 
Lesson Suggestions
  • Each CCSS Tech Skills lesson should be 20 minutes in length (K-2), and 30 minutes in length (3-5) for an additional 10 minutes for keyboarding practice
  • Use Lesson Suggestions links to manage each lesson
  • Focus on ONE tech skill per lesson (3-6 grade teachers can focus on one skills plus typing)
  • Each lesson should include
    • Modeling tech skill to large group
    • Reviewing guiding questions for each lesson
    • Independent practice of each skill*
    • Checking for understanding 
* Whenever possible we tried to align the lesson activity with an ELA and/or Math CCSS