Code Of Conduct

By participating in a league or event all participants (players, spectators and referees) agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. A sport may have their own Code of Conduct written into their rules which supplements the formal organizational one listed below.

CCS Code Of Conduct

1) CCS leagues do not tolerate profanity, rowdiness, poor sportsmanship or dangerous play.

2) Any physical attack during or following a play will result in an immediate stoppage of the match at which point the referees along with the league commissioner or liaison will conduct quick meeting to determine the appropriate action taken before play resumes.

3) No player is allowed to participate in a match under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance.

4) A written record of consent to the Code of Conduct must be on file or completed online during registration before someone can participate in a league as a player.

5) The CCS liaison for the particular sport or commissioner has the ultimate authority to eject a player from a game. Volunteer referees will first address the player and then the captain on an incident in question. If that does not work, the CCS liaison or comissioner will be brought in to make the decision.

The league commissioner or liaison in turn can provide a recommendation to the CCS board to take further disciplinary action if need be for any failure to abide by the Code of Conduct.

6) A player or non-playing captain who has been ejected from a match can be asked to leave the premises by a referee/umpire/CCS representative if the behavior continues to be a distraction. Failure to leave could result in forfeiture of the match by the team whose player is involved. Please be advised that spectators whom were invited by players and captains are expected to adhere to "good behavior" or they are subject to ejection from the premises as well.

Important Tips

• understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game

• show good sportsmanship whether in victory or defeat

• respect the integrity and judgment of CCS representatives and be responsible for your own actions.

All participants must agree to the waiver of liability as it pertains to Catholic Challenge Sports. A person is not allowed to participate until they have agreed to the terms of this document.