Welcome Point Loma Parents and Educators!

Dear Parents and Educators,

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are intended to supplement the current standards, as well as ensure that your student leaves school with the real-world skills and knowledge that he or she needs to succeed in college and/or career.


The nine schools in the Point Loma Cluster coordinated on the development of an informational website for parents, staff, and students. The website was designed for two purposes.

  • Help parents in navigating all things Common Core and help prepare students at school and at home for the changes that are occurring in our students education.
  • Provide educators with resources in order to facilitate conversation and instruction around the Common Core.

The left hand side of this page is organized in a way to meet both purposes. Parents will find:

  • FAQs for Parents
  • What parents can do at home
  • CCSS practice problems
  • Student resources
  • CCSS informational videos

The whole site is accessible to both parents and educators. The website will be updated as changes and or materials related to the Common Core become accessible.

Thank you and enjoy,

Point Loma Cluster Schools

The website was developed by cluster administrators and reviewed by cluster staff members. The bulk of the content on the website comes from the Santee Unified School District and the PTA, two groups who have won awards for thoughtful and non-biased information about CCSS. The website is currently being managed by Erica Renfree, VP at Dana and Correia. Please send all edits or enhancement requests to Erica at erenfree@sandi.net.