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July 26, 2012

The K-8 Publisher's Criteria for CCSSM was released this morning.  It is available at:  Please be sure to forward to colleagues throughout your state.

July 13, 2012

Student Achievement Partners, a nonprofit founded by three of the contributing authors to the Common Core that develops tools for effective standards implementation, released four professional development modules designed to support district and school leadership in their transition to the Common Core. The four modules cover: the Common Core Shifts in Math, the Common Core Shifts in ELA/Literacy, Creating Text Dependent Questions in ELA/Literacy, and Instructional Leadership in the context of the Common Core.

The modules are intended be shared widely for use directly by individual educators, in professional learning communities, or for preparing to lead the professional development in a school or district setting. The time required for each module can be customized by expanding the amount of time spent on the activities and in discussion.

Each module contains a facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint presentations with thorough notes, hands-on activities, related readings and research, recommended topics for discussion, and web and video resources. Refer to the Facilitator’s Guide for specific instructions on how to use each part of the module.

Education Week Chat: Common Standards: The Professional-Development Challenge in Math
This was a live chat that was recorded with questions from the field to three experts: Hung-Hsi Wu is a professor emeritus in math at the University of California, Berkeley. 
Sandra Alberti, a former administrator, now works for nonprofit Student Achievement Partners, which helps districts work to implement the new standards. 
And Jonathan Thomas is our teacher preparation expert, from the University of Northern Kentucky. 
There is a lot of good information. Definitely worth a quick read. Questions range from asking about textbook adoptions, high school course sequencing, and more.

National PTA Parents Guide to Student Success
This website by the PTA provides PDF files by grade level as a communication tool for Parents about the Common Core State Standards.  It identifies grade level areas of instructional focus as well as games or questions that parents can ask stUdents to support their learning.

Phoenix Rising: Bringing the Common Core State Standards to Life
Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu

In the Fall 2011 edition of American Educator, Hung-si Wu describes the potential of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics. Wu makes a case for why CCSS are important and why effort needs to be expended in ensuring that the standards are implemented. The report is available for download below.

ILLUSTRATIVE MATHEMATICS PROJECT is a great website for viewing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics online.  You can select a grade and see all the grade level standards displayed. You can also click on a progress (e.g. Geometry) and see the whole progression of that domain from one grade to the next. In the future it will have tasks available that will be linked to the standards that will bring more clarity to the standards, but the timeline for the next phase is unknown at this point in time. 

                                Common Core Mathematics State Standards Learning Progression Draft

This site is a resource designed to support districts working to meet the challenge and the opportunity of the new standards. Here you will find tools and instructional materials that help you to better understand and to implement the CCSSM.


This site has been created through a collaboration of the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin and Agile Mind with partial funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Some of the included materials have been adapted from the efforts of researchers and practitioners. Other materials on the site have been contributed by the Dana Center or Agile Mind—or the organizations jointly—and were developed with the collaboration of educators throughout the United States as part of a system of programs intended to enable every student to have the opportunity to succeed in learning a challenging mathematics curriculum, supported by a teacher who has access to the most promising practices in instruction and formative assessment.

Achieve the Core

The Student Achieve Partners (a non-profit founded by three of the CCSS writers) have created a website where resources, links and teacher created activities are posted in order to help teachers and schools in the transition to the Common Core State Standards. 

Getting Started with the Common Core State Standards: First Steps for Mathematics Education Leaders.

The Common Core State Standards present new opportunities, as well as challenges, for mathematics education leaders to provide all students access to high quality mathematics instruction and assessment. Learn about the most productive ways to begin CCSS implementation, common pitfalls to avoid, and tools and resources that NCSM will be providing to support this work.

This is an NCSM Webinar Event sponsored by Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Phil Daro's Common Core Mathematics Webinar: Pearson's Common Core Virtual Conference

Pearson sponsored a four day Virtual Conference at the end of February. One of the best webinars was hosted by Phil Daro. This is a great way to introduce the philosophical intent of the mathematical standards and the change that the standards will require in our classrooms.

Senior Fellow for Mathematics, America’s Choice. Phil was one of the principal members of the core writing team of the Common Core Math Standards.

Click here: Phil Daro Presentation