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CCSRA's 2012 Instructional Agenda
During mid-stream of the 2012 calendar year the 2012 CCSRA Executive Board was privy to new CNRA's Instructional and Developmental aspirations to begin a statewide "Referee Academy". CCSRA, while still providing occasional Tournament Clinics this season has been both holding out on our regularly scheduled programs and events and instead have been working with CNRA to collaborate efforts in District led CNRA Referee Academy Events.  
The Board also submits its 2012 Agenda to the State Director of Instruction as it develops and obtains certified permission to continue our own Referee Development when the opportunity or need presents itself for our local referee community.  
Once any new Event is approved and secured we shall post it in the Calendar of Events.


USSF "Referee Week in Review"

We at CCSRA feel that there is no better tool of Instruction and Development for ALL referees than US Soccer's "Referee Week in Review"

This instruction MUST be in everyone's weekly personal regime to ensure that their Development is in par with the rest of the referee community.
It provides topical and critical discussion and provides all referees clarity and understanding of The Laws of the Game and how to apply those Laws with proper technique.

Click on the logo on left to direct yourself to USSF "Referee Week in Review"


(Click on the Slideshow to view in full screen and to read the narratives.)