Walker Upper Elementary School

Walker Upper Elementary School educates all 5th and 6th graders in the Charlottesville City Schools, with an enrollment of approximately 580 students and 70 instructional staff members. Curriculum at Walker is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning, with engaging, hands-on instruction which emphasizes both mastery of basic skills and development of critical thinking. Teachers at Walker strive to see each and every child grow in his or her learning experience, knowledge base, and higher level thinking skills. These grades levels are critical years to prepare students for the middle school experience, and so Walker School also values and nurtures the whole child – teaching character development, stressing physical education, and beginning a strong foundation in enriching arts.

Walker offers an outstanding array of after school activities, with over 60 clubs, music rehearsals, and academic support programs available for students three days a week, for two hours each of those days. Transportation is provided for all students, as well as options for guided study time with teachers.

Students at Walker are organized into teams in order to provide sufficient support to children, in terms of teachers and peer groups. With 50-70 students per team of three or four teachers, the teachers get to know their group as individuals, meet regularly to discuss student successes and needs, and support their team of children with common goals, procedures, rules, and celebrations. Walker prides itself in a highly academic environment, holding geography and spelling bees, honor roll assemblies, concerts, and other programs which showcase student effort and achievement.

Students are taught at appropriate instructional levels, and therefore may read different books in Language Arts classes or complete varied projects in science or social studies. But regardless of the level, students complete the curriculum requirements for the course as defined by the Virginia Standards of Learning. 


Accelerated (A) level courses include standards that go beyond the grade level and are designed for students who are academically motivated, have demonstrated high levels of achievement, and are prepared for advanced work.


Grade-level courses are designed to prepare students for college and other post-high school opportunities and are on grade level.  All Grade-level courses are without additional notation (i.e.: Grade-level Science is noted as “Science”).

The following High School credits are offered at Walker Upper Elementary School:

·         Spanish I