Through earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics, the science program offers experiences for students to explore, explain and apply scientific concepts, skills, and processes to events that affect their lives.  Students learn to systematically investigate, analyze data, use reasoning and logic to evaluate evidence, and understand the importance of research that validates or challenges ideas.

Students should consult with their counselors to develop an appropriate science sequence.  There are several possible sequences and students should select one which best matches their own interests and abilities. The selection of a science course should be made with careful reference to the prerequisites that serve as indicators of the academic skills and knowledge necessary for success in the course.

04210 Earth Science
4210H Earth Science - Honors
4210V Earth Science - Virtual
C4210 Earth Science - COLLAB

04310 Biology
4310H Biology - Honors
4310V Biology - Virtual
C4310 Biology - COLLAB

04370 AP Biology

04410 Chemistry
4410H Chemistry - Honors
4410V Chemistry - Virtual

04470 AP Chemistry

04510 Physics
4510V Physics - Virtual