PVCC Dual Enrollment


Dual enrollment is defined as credit earned in a college level course that is normally paid for by the high school and is offered during the regular day at the high school.  The student earns credit at both the high school and the community college.  The teacher must meet Southern Association of Colleges and Schools educational and professional preparation requirements.  The course will be identified on the transcript as a college level course.  A student enrolled in a dual enrollment course must follow the community college guideline for course credit.  The student will receive a letter grade.  Prior to admission to Piedmont Virginia Community College, the student must take the community college placement tests.  For more information contact your CHS school counselor, Career Coach, or PVCC’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator at 434-961-6551

Dual Enrollment


High School Credit

College Course Name

College Course Code

College Credits

01600 DE English 12

1 English credit

College Composition I

College Composition II

ENG 111

ENG 112

3 credits

3 credits Total: 6

2452 DE U.S. Government

1 Social Studies credit

U.S. Government I

U.S. Government II

PLS 211

PLS 212

3 credits

3 credits Total: 6

2420 DE Intro. to Criminal Law

1 Elective credit

Introduction to Criminal Law

ADJ 130

3 credits

04272 DE Environmental Science

1 Science credit

Biology of Environment

BIO 107

4 credits

3230 DE Pre-Calculus/ Applied Calculus

1 Math


Pre-Calculus I,

Applied Calculus I

MTH 163

MTH 271

3 credits

3 credits Total: 6

1 CTE credit Intro to EngineeringENG 1203 credits

8453 DE Engineering 4   

1 CTE credit  Engineering GraphicsENG 115

3 Credits

2500DE Principles of Sociology

1 Elective credit

Principles of SociologySOC 2003 credits