The Mathematics Department offers programs designed to meet the needs of all students.  A student may select any course in the sequence provided he or she meets the prerequisites. The department suggests that parents and students confer with a math teacher for recommendations regarding appropriate course selection.  Students planning to attend college should select a sequence which includes Algebra II or above. Ninth grade students are placed in high school math courses using a variety of performance indicators and teacher recommendations.  All courses in the Mathematics Department include work force applications when appropriate.

Algebra I
03130 Algebra I
3130V Algebra I - Virtual
3131P1 Algebra I, Part I
3132P2 Algebra I, Part II
3200 Algebra Study Skills
C3130  Algebra I COLLAB
C3131P1  Algebra I Part I COLLAB

03135 Algebra II
3135 Algebra II - Virtual
3135H Algebra II - Honors