The English program is designed to help students learn to write and to speak clearly and effectively, to think critically and analytically, and to read and examine literature from a variety of genres and cultures.  Discover the world of literature with us, refine your writing, and polish your oral communication skills.  Proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and research skills enables students to gain information and to use knowledge to make meaningful connections between their lives and their academic disciplines.



01130 English 9
1130U English 9 Honors Option
C1130 English 9 COLLAB

English 10

01140 English 10

1140U English 10 Honors Option

C1140 English 10 COLLAB

01196 AP English Language & Composition
01150 English 11
1150U English 11 Honors Option
C1150 English 11 COLLAB
1150F English 11 Fall

01195 AP English Literature & Composition
1160 English 12 
C1160 English 12 COLLAB
01600 Dual Enrollment English 12
1160S English 12 Spring