College Credit




The University of Virginia and Piedmont Virginia Community College occasionally allow accelerated high school students to enroll in courses at their institutions during the regular academic year.  In general, these special students have exceeded the offerings of the high school in a particular discipline, e.g., completed AP Calculus BC in the junior year and wish to continue studying mathematics beyond that level. The student earns credit from both the college and the high school. The course will be identified on the transcript as college level course and the student will receive a letter grade. A student enrolled in a dual credit course must follow the college guidelines for course credit.  Prior to admission to the community college, the student must take community college placement tests.  Prior to registration, a student must receive permission from his or her counselor, and the principal, and must complete an application provided by the college.  Application materials are available in the Counseling Department.  All charges for tuition, books, labs, and supplies are the responsibility of the student.  Students must supply their own transportation to and from the college.  Students are strongly encouraged to consider all of the curricular and co-curricular offerings available at CHS before enrolling in a course at the University of Virginia or at Piedmont Virginia Community College.



The articulation agreement is a formal written document between the high school and community college that identifies specific course competencies that must be successfully completed in order for the student to receive credit for the course at the community college.  The course is offered at the high school during the regular day.  Acceptance by the community college for successfully completing an articulated course does not mean that the course will transfer to any other institution of higher learning.  Prior to admission to Piedmont Virginia Community College, the student must take the community college placement tests.  


Charlottesville High School is proud to have a strong partnership with Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC).  As part of our partnership, CHS offers several PVCC classes at CHS for college credit.  CHS and PVCC offer Dual Degree Programs in Biochemistry, Information Systems Technology, and Engineering.  This section will detail the pathways for students follow to earn a High School Diploma from CHS and an Associates Degree from PVCC in one of the areas listed above.  Students will apply to one of these programs at the end of the 9th grade year and take a combination of CHS and PVCC course on both campuses and online.  


Dual enrollment is defined as credit earned in a college level course that is normally paid for by the high school and is offered during the regular day at the high school.  The student earns credit at both the high school and the community college.  The teacher must meet Southern Association of Colleges and Schools educational and professional preparation requirements.  The course will be identified on the transcript as a college level course.  A student enrolled in a dual enrollment course must follow the community college guideline for course credit.  The student will receive a letter grade.  Prior to admission to Piedmont Virginia Community College, the student must take the community college placement tests.  For more information contact your CHS school counselor, Career Coach, or PVCC’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator at 434-961-6551



To qualify for the Early College Scholars program, a student must have a “B” average or better, be pursuing an Advanced Studies  or Advanced Technical diploma, and complete at least 15 transferable college credits while enrolled in high school.  The Governor’s Early College Scholars Agreement must be signed by the student and their parent or legal guardian and returned to the School Counseling office prior to January of the student’s senior year.  College credits can be earned through Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Dual Credit, and/or Tech Prep courses.  Most often, one high school credit equals 3-8 college credits, depending on the course.  Students who meet the terms of the agreement are recognized as Early College Scholars and receive a certificate of recognition from the Governor of Virginia.  For more information, see: