Buford Middle School

Buford Middle School is the sole middle school, serving grades 7 and 8, for Charlottesville City Public Schools. Operating under our division’s mission of “Personal and Academic Success for All, Buford provides a middle school experience that is catered to the developmental needs of students as they progress through middle school.  As students journey through this transitional time in their lives, it is imperative that we (Buford) create and maintain partnerships with parents and the community to ensure a successful middle school experience for all students. In addition to our academic programs, we offer after-school programming, consisting of clubs, academic tutoring, enrichment, and athletics.

“Ready for Greatness” is the theme for our school community in which we work to ensure that all students acquire skills and abilities, such as problem-solving, collaboration, citizenship, courage, and responsibility, that will enable them to obtain greatness in their future (both short-term and long-term) endeavors.  Students acquiring these attributes are more likely to experience success at Buford and beyond. 


Honors (H) level courses are designed for students who are academically motivated, have demonstrated high levels of achievement, and are prepared for advanced work.


Grade-level courses are designed to prepare students for college and other post-high school opportunities and are on grade level.  All Grade-level courses are without additional notation (i.e.: Grade-level  Science is noted as “Science”).

The following High School credits are offered at Buford Middle School and will be counted in the student’s high school grade point average unless purged at the end of this school year.


·         Algebra I (honors)

·         Geometry (honors)

·         Spanish I (honors)

·         Spanish II (honors)

·         French I (honors)

·         Earth Science (honors)

·         Family & Consumer Science – Independent Living

·         Engineering Explorations I

·         Technology Foundations