Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse at the 2014 OAMP Convention

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse was formed in 1939 and has served the Clackamas County Community for over

74 years. Members of the Posse are a committed group of volunteers who desire to make their community safe.

The Posse provides crowd control and parking assistance at local community events such as the Clackamas Town Center during the holidays, Molalla Buckaroo, participate in local parades, and much more. The Posse is self-financed through membership dues, fundraisers and donations.

If you are civic minded, enjoy public contact, and find satisfaction in helping those in need, review the following requirements.

·         21 years of age or older      

·        U.S. Citizen or legal resident alien

·        Own a horse and tack

·        Have use of a trailer for transportation of horse and gear

 ·        Pass background check by the Sheriff's Office


As a Posse member you will enjoy public service, the western horse, riding in local parades, and serving the Sheriff and County as a                       volunteer.


Mission of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse

To promote public safety and community involvement by acting as horse-mounted representatives of the Clackamas County Sheriff's                   Office at community functions such as fairs, parades, and community meetings, and to preserve the tradition and history of the                             Clackamas County Sheriff’s Posse.


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